Holy Potatoes, Batman!

I had a brief chat today with Mini Lawyer, who is a partner in the two-attorney firm of Mini and Daddy, LLP, down the hall from me. He spends four days a week in Los Angeles, and three at his home in Idaho. I have no idea why. We were talking about funny law firm names – like Hsu, Hsu, Hsu & Luz, or Cheetz & Phibbs.

Him: . . . there’s actually a medical malpractice firm called Foley.
Me: They should really promote Catheter to partner.
Him: Or Holey.
Me: Holy Foley Catheter, Batman!
Him: Y’know, he actually lives down the street from me in Idaho.
Me: Who, Adam West?
Him: You know your trivia!
Me: I know my Batman.
Him: Next time I see him, I’ll get you an autograph.

Will he come through???? Stay tuned!!!!


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