Time for a change.

Hello to all my friends, enemies, and those who feel neither one way nor the other. I have moved! As you apparently already know, since you are reading this.

Why has she moved? I hear you wonder. (Shut up. You are too wondering.) And I answer you thusly: Because I am lazy.

Too lazy, in fact, to cope with the myriad FTP and hosting problems that I was experiencing over at the old site. Too lazy to battle with tech support for hours on end. Too lazy to figure out how to fix these problems myself. And too broke to pay anyone to do it for me.

So now I am here, and my blogroll has been thoroughly updated, and this is a Good Thing.

Please comment on this post so I know you’ve managed to find me.


27 Responses so far »

  1. 2

    Present and accounted for, sir!

  2. 4

    miss kendra said,

    i’m here!

    the festivities can begin.

  3. 5

    Cheryl said,

    I found you! Woo hoo!!

  4. 6

    dancinpistachio said,

    i like that your new bird’s nest has eggs in it!

  5. 7

    sb said,

    I brought the drinks and snark. Where’d you put the chips?

  6. 8

    Sachi said,

    *grin* Classy looking site, babe.

  7. 9

    Red Diabla said,

    Everyone can rest easy. I found the new site.

  8. 10

    Andrea said,


    Very pretty. I like it.

  9. 11

    Yipee!! It’s so clean and you’ve painted!

    Heeehee. That’s the first thing my mother in law said when she saw our new house years ago. Um, yeah it’s clean. Was our last apartment that dirty??

  10. 12

    Kristin said,

    cool new digs!

  11. 13

    Jason said,

    It was a long arduous journey, but I found it.

  12. 14

    Hyphen said,


    Found you!

  13. 15

    Hyphen said,

    Oh, this means I have to update my notification thingy that sends me an email when you make changes…hmm…hope I remember how… 😛

  14. 16

    Laurie Ann said,

    I found you. Does that make you a foundling?

  15. 17

    Pam said,

    Holy moses at first I thought you meant moving from your home…*whew* I likes the new digs.

  16. 18

    A said,

    [raising hand] yo, miss! Here!!

    (and very glad to be viewing such a lovely site!)

  17. 19

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    Found the place. Nice.

  18. 20

    Husband said,

    Honeeeeeyyy!!! Why didn’t you tell me we were having company??? What are all these freakin’ people doing in our house???

  19. 21

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    Oh, Husband, relax! We don’t make a mess and usually bring alcohol.

  20. 22

    Kristin said,

    Nice new design! I like it!

  21. 23

    Louisa said,

    Okay, got to your wordpress place. Do I need to register?

  22. 24

    uccellina said,

    Checkez-vous le e-mail. Registration is totally optional, and actually kind of pointless. But you are welcome to do so, if you’d like.

  23. 27

    Gwen said,

    Am I the last to find you? Typical. 🙂

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