From you, it’s maybe not a compliment.

Saturday morning was so great, guys. I mean, maybe I’m easy to please, but when I checked my blog stats and saw a link from, I was pretty chuffed. It wasn’t much, but still! My first piece of critical acclaim! I called my parents. I considered printing it out and taping it to the refrigerator.

Then I checked the main page yesterday. It had been updated! What marvelous act could they have chosen to follow mine? It’s a semi-literate, segmented diatribe extolling the virtues of Russian women:

There is nothing more re-vitalizing and life affirming as to be surrounded by young and beautiful Russian girls all shyly giggling away because you are a foreigner and a novelty in their country. Truly the stuff of life… eh?

ALL WOMEN are walking Baby Making Machines…[snip]…These women did NOT say “I want to be a liberated and sexually free woman who focuses on MY CAREER so that I can screw myself out of the most fertile years of my life and then go to an expensive pregnancy clinic covered by my health plan during my mid to late 30’s in order to try and get my older and deteriorating eggs artificially inseminated with some anonymous guy’s sperm de-thawed from a test tube.”

Russian girls at a very early age understand the law of nature which determines a woman’s value as a potential mate and mother based on age.

Oh, but it gets better. Here’s what he thinks of American women and feminism:

feminism is a very seductive virus which persuades all of the girls who are infected with it with the idea that career and “self-fulfillment” (which usually translates to how much can they steal from some poor guy who is stupid enough to marry them) is more important then family.

You see the feminist have sold this line to American women that..”YES, you can have it all!” You can put off motherhood, have the killer career, have enriching and liberated relationships like they do in Sex in the City (ie be a Slut) and STILL have a child and then ONLY WHEN YOU ARE REALLY READY to settle down (aka late 30’s and above).. then you can try to find your “life partner”.

I see the devastating results of “Communism” or “Socialism” everyday when I step out my door even-though it ended 15 years ago. “Feminism” is just another extension of this and heaven help you guys if you ignore it.

So after a month of this sort of thing, he’s found his true calling. He’s going to be a one-man matchmaking agency!

Let me be your “Flight Controller” watching out for you as you take this journey and also watching out for your “target destination” to make sure that it’s safe to land… or if it’s needed.. to redirect you to an alternate runway. Get it?

Stretching the air travel metaphor painfully thin, he elaborates the options. He’ll consult by e-mail or phone; he’ll speak to the Russian ladies by phone and give you his “personal evaluation”; he’ll even meet them to “physically verify” them. And, if that’s not enough, there’s this:

There is one more Super Duper Advanced Option but I’m not going to get into that now since this will be on an extremely limited basis and only for the type of guys who want to clear out the the whole runway and arrival terminal before they land.

I wonder what that could be?

My only consolation is that the person who picked this for WordPress’ Best Blog page seems to be a different person from the one who picked mine. Maybe the person who picked mine is a language-controlling, communist, scheming feminist, just like me.

Also: See Harper’s, On the great Ukrainian bride hunt.


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  1. 1

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    Russian women are HAWT.

  2. 2

    uccellina said,

    Ya znayu. Ya ruskaya tozhje 🙂

    Trans: I know. I’m Russian too. Smiley face.

  3. 3

    miss kendra said,

    oh dear.

    i’m sure he will make some people very happy????

    if it makes you feel any better, i got another horse.

  4. 4

    dancinp said,

    thank you for translating the smiley face for those of us who don’t speak russian 🙂

  5. 5

    Husband said,

    I’m confused, I thought Russians didn’t smile 😦

  6. 6

    uccellina said,

    The editor who (I think) originally selected my blog has left a very nice comment over at the original post.

  7. 7

    Michael said,

    Hello I’m Michael with Best Blogs. (I know, a guy.) But I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy reading the Russian Women weblog. I thought it was one of the better blogs as of late.

    About the contraversy. Now you can take that stuff about feminism in that particular post and you can agree with it or disagree with it. (I don’t exactly agree with him either on that particular topic.) but you have to admire him for his observations into Russian culture.

    In fact he states in several of his posts that it is infact the men in Russia who are shameful and shallow. Here are a couple posts.

  8. 8

    uccellina said,

    “(I know, a guy.)”

    Some of my best friends are guys. Even my husband’s one. Don’t worry about it.

    “Now you can take that stuff about feminism in that particular post and you can agree with it or disagree with it . . . but you have to admire him for his observations into Russian culture.”

    Actually, I don’t. I’ve read through his entire site, and nowhere did I see any noteworthy insights into Russian culture. I saw a series of shallow, innacurate, and offensive stereotypes about Russian and American women.

    The quotes about feminism and feminists were actually taken from several different posts. A constant stream of (poorly written) misogyny runs throughout his blog. I suggest you read through it carefully; you’ll see what I mean.

    I also suggest that you read the second post you linked more carefully – it’s actually about American men, not Russian men.

  9. 9

    Michael said,

    Oh yeah you’re right about that second post I linked. I made a mistake. And I also made a mistake about you’re post being centered around a single post.

    I just get worried when people (not necessarily you, it means that I’m naturally on the defensive) latch onto a single keyword or idea and fail to look at the bigger picture.

    But you know I’ve been talking with Lily about this and maybe I am wrong. Tough call, I’m still a learner afterall.

  10. 10

    uccellina said,

    I completely agree with you. People should always read and consider context carefully.

    Good for you for being willing to think and learn – that’s how we all become better people.

  11. 11

    Michael said,

    Okay you women got me. While I won’t remove the link to that guys site I certainly hold a different opinion on the guy.


  12. 12

    Husband said,

    Honey, quit arguing with all the people and come home and make my dinner.

  13. 13

    uccellina said,

    Don’t make me hurt you.

  14. 14

    Andrea said,


    Well. There are idiots everywhere?


    Should we feel happy that one of them moved to Russia, or sorry for the Russian women that have to put up with him?

  15. 15

    Carolyn J. said,

    The guy’s dating service is called Brides for Bitter Divorcees Who Can’t Get A North American Woman To Give Them The Time Of Day.

    It needs some work.

  16. 16

    rw_man said,

    Wow.. lots of talk about my site..

    Thanks ladies. I really appreciate the traffic you are all driving to me and making my job so much easier. I only visited because this site was so gracious in quoting and linking to me so I wanted to see who you all were. 🙂

    Love the comments too.. It would look great on my site so please come on over and give it your best!

  17. 17

    uccellina said,

    Um, after the last woman who commented on your site was called a “fat cow feminist piece of shit,” for politely expressing her dissenting viewpoint, I think not. None of the regular visitors to your site seem able or willing to discuss things in any sort of intelligent, rational manner.

    Far too many women – particularly young women – in the United States think feminism is irrelevant to their lives. Please know that your site will help to keep the feminist spirit alive and well.

    Also: 2 of the commenters here are male. Perhaps you should read more carefully.

  18. 18

    rw_man said,

    Cool.. I love the intellectual elite highbrow act.. I actually ALMOST took you seriously for a sec and then I read comments number 14 and 15 above. Nothing like a little morning hypocrisy with your coffee eh? 🙂

    I made a conscious decision not to delete both the young lady’s dissenting view point and the view points of the men who followed. You seem to conviently ignore the fact that she was a bit on the insulting side as well. I love the way you “characterized” her comment as “politely expressing”.. makes her sound almost like an innocent bystander!

    You’re one of those pretty slick liberals it seems.. I gotta keep my eye on you 🙂

    Knowing that you are Russian too.. I’d think that you would be happy that I’m trying to promote your sisters across the pond and the traditional values they and I believe your ancestors held. But alas.. I guess this was not to be..

    Parting is such sweet sorrow..

    Have a nice day!

    P.S. Oh and by the way I do agree with you that the “spirit” of feminism will remain with us for the forseeable future. But it won’t matter because less and less men will be willing to either marry or to have children with them.

    This new wave of relationship outsourcing wave is well established and cannot be stopped.

  19. 19

    rw_man said,

    Hey one more thing.

    Since you were so kind to link to me and you can do that anytime.. I would still like to be fair to you and ask your permission if I can link to this great thread so all of my readers can soak it in and respond as well.

    I know it might create a storm but that’s why I’d like to ask for your permission to do it.


  20. 20

    Hyphen said,

    rw_man — Admit it. You want to link people here because uccelina and we, her faithful readers are cooler than you, and you want your dopey friends to think you could actually have acceptance with smart, articulate, and beautiful women without writing a check. For the record: You don’t stand a chance.

  21. 21

    rw_man said,

    Whoa.. That was DEEP man.. but I didn’t quite understand what you were saying..

    Could you just Speeaak a Litttlle Mooore Sloowwllyy for litle Ol’ me? I’m not to quick on the draw like you are on these things ya know? After all I once voted for Democrats.. but I’m better now!

    I guess you got me.. I’m picking myself off the ground and dusting the cat hairballs off my jacket that have been coughed up by you Hyphen..

    I’m shaking in my boots at the chance to match wits with another intellectual giant like yourself. You have proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that you know me far better then I know myself..

    Why don’t you come over to my house for awhile and play.. And I won’t even allow others into the dialogue.. Just you and me.. Sound Fair?

    Or Heck hyphen.. If you don’t wont to come alone.. invite your friends and it will be just you, them and me.. and NONE of my friends.

    Doesn’t that sound like a great deal?

    If you are implying that I can’t keep up with any of you.. Well Goodness here’s your chance to prove it.. Any combination of you against little Ol’ defenseless me. Here’s your chance to humiliate me with your superior intellect and wit.

    And I promise I won’t edit anything that you throw out. Sounds to me like this would be a fair way to settle this right?

    If any of you want to link to my site and take shots at me you are more then welcome to do that.. but that gives me the right to call you out on it and to see if you have the integrity to take me on in my arena.

    So what’s it gonna be hyphen.. are you full of confidence.. or are you just full of it?

    I patiently wait for your answer..


    Oh and by the way I still have the decency to keep my word and ask for permission to link to your site and I’m still waiting on that answer too. 🙂

  22. 22

    uccellina said,

    RW: Thank you for prompting me to institute a commenting policy. Discussion will always be appreciated, but trolling will not.

    For the record, my views are my views, and the views of my commenters are their own. Therefore, to call me hypocritical based on the statements of my commenters is a little silly.

    This is the internet; no one needs permission to link to another person’s site. Your readers are certainly welcome here as long as they abide by the commenting policy.

  23. 23

    uccellina said,

    Also: have you read the Harper’s article? I’d be interested in your take on it.

  24. 24

    Michael said,

    Oh my rw_man you’re so gone. You know the funny thing is that I was actually somewhat supportive of you even after all of this.

    Good job.

  25. 25

    bloglily said,

    I feel like Michael’s mother — that’s my boy, I want to say proudly. See how well he does in public?!! But then I’d embarrass him. Now all he has to worry about is that a lot of really hot knitters are going to start asking him out! (Kidding, just kidding….) Best, BL

  26. 26

    bloglily said,

    PS: I am NOT actually Michael’s mother. But I’ll bet she gets a lot of mileage out of having him as a son.

  27. 27

    Michael said,

    Mother? That’s kinda creepy…oh well I guess there’s worse thing.

    I just got done talking with the rw_man. I guess his only defense is that he’s new to blogging. Very new at that. It was a great discussion on blog ethics and whatnot.

  28. 28

    joe said,

    feminism = suicide

  29. 29

    statsguy said,

    Let me guess what your “commenting policy” is all about – only comments that fall into line with feminist ranting? All else will be deleted.

    This is all silly nonsense american womyn (that includes michael), you have been outsourced.

    Rant all you want, enjoy your cats.

    The Men Have Left the House.

  30. 30

    statsguy said,

    Oh and by the way, michael if you find your rocks and get sick of sucking up to these “strong amerikan womyn” let me know. I can get you a good rate on flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

  31. 31

    dancinp said,

    wow, uccie… look what you’ve started!

  32. 32

    WK said,

    I just don’t know what to think about this…

    Let’s just say I’m glad that you

    and all of your readers

    are somebody else’s problems…

  33. 33

    uccellina said,

    Ouf! I had a meeting this morning, so I missed all the early fun. The only comment that has been deleted thus far was one that was obscene and added nothing to the discussion.


    Joe: I’m curious about your “feminism = suicide.” Would you care to expand on that?

    Statsguy: First, please refrain from insulting other commenters. Second, it is clear that the men have not, in fact, left the house.

    WK: If you don’t think of us as your problem, then I wonder why you’re here? Clearly we’re bothering you in some way.

  34. 34

    KellyMac said,

    Why are you so offended? If he’s such a sexist, why would a good Humorless Feminist such as yourself care that our Western men are going to other countries to find women who act like women? Or are our men supposed to remain alone for the rest of their lives if they don’t cater to your political views and worship the almighty vagina?

    By the way, there are very many men here who are more than happy to do just that. I hope you like cats.

  35. 35

    uccellina said,

    I do like cats, KellyMac. Very much. And so does my husband.

  36. 36

    Morder said,

    Another feminist on her high horse bashing real men and women who are after real relationships.

    Anyway I’m sure the mans blog will remain quite popular even if its not on the “best blogs” page anymore. I’m very disappointed by how easily the people in charge caved in to the whining.

  37. 37

    Andrea said,

    This is the funniest damned thing I’ve seen in ages.

    Oh the light, it blinds me! Now I see! My evil man-hating feminist ways must change! It is destiny! I must move to Russia and become subservient so I can enter into a real relationship. Hmm. Erik’s not going to like that. But then HE can come to Russia to get me. Da?

  38. 38

    Dave said,

    Censorship is a resort of those who knowingly choose weak positions. Uccellina, if so confident you are in your correctness, why censor the opposition by having them removed from bestblog? Truth stands on its own merit, does it not?
    > I must move to Russia and become
    > subservient so I can enter into a real
    > relationship. Hmm
    That’s a strawman Andrea; most of us aren’t looking for subservient women, but for kind, compassionate, and peaceful ones who understand that to be loved, one must love. All my experience shows that these qualities and this understanding are contrary to the feminist way.

  39. 39

    SilliGirl said,

    Dear Feminists,

    I must submit my resignation as member of your esteemed organization. You see, I thought that I could be a feminist and still get married, take my husband’s name, birth babies in my twenties, give up my career to stay at home with them, cook wholesome nutritious meals for them and my husband, and keep my house reasonably clean. But recently it has been brought to my attention that doing these things means I have rejected the devastating effects of communism and socialism, and that they are, in fact, contrary to the feminist way. I must admit that I am truly disappointed. I feel that you feminists must have misrepresented yourselves to me when you told me that I could make choices in my life. Sadly, I will be sending my yearly donations elsewhere, perhaps to Fox News (or maybe just a direct deposit to Rush Limbaugh’s bank account?), or wherever my husband tells me is acceptable.



    P.S. I really love my husband, my babies, and my life, so I guess I’m glad to not be a strong American woman anymore. Good luck to all of you and your cats. Perhaps someday you will see the light.

  40. 40

    Thor said,

    This is the funniest damned thing I’ve seen in ages.

    Oh the light, it blinds me! Now I see! My evil man-hating feminist ways must change! It is destiny! I must move to Russia and become subservient so I can enter into a real relationship. Hmm. Erik’s not going to like that. But then HE can come to Russia to get me. Da?

    Konyechno nyet. Erik will leave you for a Russian girl in about two days. Living in Russia will only make a woman such as yourself walk around with a look on your face like you crapped your pants. AW generally get ignored there. They are completely outclassed, I’m afraid. It’s one of my favorite sights to see there actually. Your monopoly on vagina power evaporates like steam on the sun.

    All I can say, is since you hate us anyway, why do you care what we American men do? I thought you needed us like a fish needs a bicycle. What is the need for censorship here? Me thinks you can’t compete and know it. Can’t you get laid? Are you queer? Are you a bitter, angry old washed up white woman hag?

    Translation added by Uccellina: Konyechno nyet = of course not.

  41. 41

    Red Diabla said,




    Funny how these males (I don’t consider them men) seem to think it’s worth their while to comment here. Funny how the readers of this blog don’t feel the need to go to the other blog that Uccellina brought to our attention and bash it.

    Jeez boys, lighten up. The Humorless FemiNazis have no real interest in you, so why do you care what they think?

  42. 42

    uccellina said,

    Dave: Actually, I never asked for it to be removed. Since you have apparently not seen it, I will quote BlogLily’s response to the censorship question, which you may view in full at Best Blogs on WordPress:

    Although I cannot speak for Michael, this is my take on it, as an observer: This site is a community project. An important norm here is that, although it is fine to disagree with the points of view of other WordPressers, it’s not okay to do that with incivility. And it’s certainly not okay to do that in a nasty way by attacking fellow bloggers. We discuss ideas here, not people. (Well, except when you have something nice to say about a person!)

    I suspect that norm was violated by the blog that was removed. The editor who discovered this exercised the choice every one of us has — he deleted the post. That blog can certainly still be accessed by anyone who wishes to do so, of course. Make no mistake, though: the issue here is not the content of his speech, but the manner in which he has chosen to express himself which, I think in Michael’s opinion, stepped over a line. I applaud his choice.

    Now, as for your further comments, I think you deeply misunderstand feminism. Many of us are in wonderful, loving relationships – I certainly am. I hope that you find one, wherever and however you like.

  43. 43

    uccellina said,

    Silligirl: careful, or they’ll take you seriously.

    Thor: I seriously considered editing out the ridiculous insults in your comment, as they completely violate the comments policy. But, in the end, they made me laugh too hard. I decided to leave them up as emblems of the careful, rational, well-thought-out argument in which the RW blog readers engage.

  44. 44

    Dave said,

    > Dave: Actually, I never asked for it to be
    > removed…
    > …I think you deeply misunderstand feminism.
    > Many of us are in wonderful, loving
    > relationships…
    Thanks for the honest response. It seems that (as is so often the case) there are misunderstandings and biases on both sides. Just as I may misunderstand feminism (or at least many of its practitioners), those who believe we’re looking for submissive (and perhaps desperate) women similarly misunderstand (many of) us…

  45. 45

    Andrea said,

    Golly, I didn’t know I hated American men.

    And I’ll have you know that the correct term is a well-laundered female person of advanced age of european origin with a congenital frown complex. A group to which I have possibly permanently lost membership, since I’m still laughing too hard.

    (sorry, uccellina, I’ll stop now and behave. I’d forgotten how entertaining troll-baiting can be–but I’m sure it’s getting tiresome for you.)

  46. 46

    themirror said,

    .. and still, you won’t take up the invitation to debate , any number of you versus just one man. All the hand waving to distract .. still , though ” strong, independent wymyn ” you can’t accept the challenge.

  47. 47

    Red Diabla said,

    Insert horrible(yet I still laugh)saying comparing debating on the internet to the Special Olympics here.

  48. 48

    uccellina said,

    themirror: That’s silly. No debate has been proposed. Lots of people have come over here, baited, insulted, and rudely challenged me and my commenters, but we have been the only people who have proposed further calm discussion and asked polite questions in an effort to engage in such.

    Red Diabla: …or maybe to a cat-herding competition. Same clusterfuck, less sensitive issue 🙂

  49. 49

    Grunt said,

    Ah, I love it!

    Nothing is more productive towards the final destruction of the feminazi disease then the shrill rantings of its adherents.

    Western men are fed into the machine, kicked around, then spit back out. The smart ones are once bitten, twice shy…and off they go in search of a foreign bride. The dimwits simply hop back into the meatgrinder for the ole’ rinse & repeat routine. Both subgroups are growing exponetially.

    Meanwhile, my lovely Ukrainian wife and I sit back with a bowl of popcorn and a pair of lawnchairs enjoying the ongoing train wreck.

    Dont ever change, American females!

  50. 50

    Catty said,

    And I’ll be watching with a lawnchair and a bucket o’ popcorn when your Ukrania wife hands you the divorce papers. International marriages have the same divorce rate as not.


  51. 51

    Ekaterina said,

    I went to this site you commented on thinking I was going to find exactly what you did

    But, I’m having a hard time finding all the outlandish masgyny you were able to interporate from the site. If your true agenda here is to progress and grow, perhaps you can recongnize your over-reaction.

    Perhaps you missed this but it is actually the commentors who side with you that are being the most insulting. Carolyn 1 insniuates in above statement that a man looking for Russian girl is a loser. This iimplies it is common knowledge that a russian woman is a step down from an american woman.

    I do not take this personally, but I will educate you please. A russian woman not only is but has to be a better woman than an american woman. And russians in general have to be better than the standard set for americans.

    Whether a certain american man coming to russia is of quality or not is to be decided. But be sure he is smart enough to know that the russian girl is a better woman, again because she has to be.

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