Now I need a superhero cape. And maybe pie.

Goodness! I hope you kids don’t expect that much drama around here every day. I feel like today I should post about knitting, just to balance things out. But unfortunately, there’s too much going on right now.

Like the Connecticut primary! Is anyone else having déja vu here? In 1988, Lieberman defeated eighteen-year Republican incumbent Senator Lowell Weicker, a man who had become anathema to much of his own party for his liberal views on school prayer, abortion, and gay rights. One of Lieberman’s arguments at the time was that “Lowell Weicker is not a real Republican. He’s not a real Democrat. He does what he wants when he wants to do it.” Eighteen years later, Lieberman has become the darling of the Right, backed by such stalwart Democrats as William F. Buckley and Ann Coulter. Enter Ned Lamont, stage left! A progressive Democrat, Lamont seems poised to topple “Bush’s favorite Democrat.”

Insert thunderous applause here.

For the record, the clever editors over at the Best Blog on WordPress page have deleted the entry praising the Russian Women blog.

Okay. Now I must do some work, or I shall have no pie.


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  1. 1

    Mom said,

    I voted (for Lamont, of course) early. Wish I could have done it often. Now we here in CT are anxiously waiting results. For the record, although a lifelong Dem, I have never voted for Lieberman.

  2. 2

    dancinp said,

    i haven’t been registered in ct in years, but i like lieberman and always have.

  3. 3

    mushyhead said,

    I used to respect Lieberman. I was pretty excited about his being Gore’s vice presidential candidate at the time, although even then I thought John Edwards would have made for a dream ticket. But Lieberman hasn’t represented me very well in the past several apocalyptic years and he hasn’t represented the people of Connecticut. I think his story is pretty sad actually, in that he’s been in the senate 18 years and someone people hardly know says hey you’re wrong and people are flocking to support the other guy.

    When he was running for VP he was also running again for Congress. And if he had become VP Connecticut would have had a Republican appointed senator. He created a stupid campaign commercial saying that Lamont was doing Weicker’s bidding– like anyone cares what Weiker thinks. (Especially after the last governor we had stole money from taxpayers and went to jail, which makes Weiker seem almost like a good memory…) But the kicker for me was hearing how when asked about legislation about hospitals that refuse the morning after pill to rape victims he said (paraphrasing) “Well in Connecticut it’s only a short drive to another hospital…”

    I actually think Lieberman is a decent person. I just don’t want him in office anymore. He’s smoothed the way for the enemy for too long.

  4. 4

    Hyphen said,

    I just hope that the Dems dont lose a Senate seat out of this because Lieberman-as-Independent splits the vote. It seems that would be Lieberman’s last gift to GWB…

  5. 5

    Mizz. what ever your name is i would like to inform you that YOU are the living entity of a FEMI-NAZI. you riddicule a blog that has NOTHING to do with you and has not attacked you at anytime. but at the same time you post a photo of a BIKINI clad woman and title it “sexy knitters club” so where is your feminist attitude when it is YOU that have defiled women-? in the weeks ahead the un-mentioned blog will again grace the top notch and in the meantime your blog will be uncovered for the anti-American pro-communist spot it is.

  6. 6

    Mom said,

    Good grief.

  7. 7

    bloglily said,

    Here we thought we were having a nice conversation about politics.

    And we are.

    I’ve been following the Lieberman story mostly in places like Daily Kos and I’m surprised by how much anger there is toward him. I do think it’s good that the voters in Connecticut are the ones who decide whether to retain him or choose someone else: after all, he’s not just a national figure, he’s also their representative. And I’m glad they get to decide, based on their very real interest in having their views properly represented in Congress.

  8. 8

    dp said,

    Um… does displaying a photo of a woman in a BIKINI really mean that one supports the defilement of women? If so, how? And, is it better to be a “FEMI-NAZI” than just a plain old “Nazi”? Seriously Mr. Smith, it would be nice if you’d explain exactly where you’re coming from. After all, we anti-American, pro-Communists are a little too stupid to figure you out without further clarification.

    ps – If you write back, please use the spell-check. “Ridicule” only has one “d”.

  9. 9

    dp said,

    bloglily, i agree. i’ve only been paying casual attention to the lieberman/lamont race, but i’ve definitely been surprised at the fervor with which some people have been attacking lieberman. as i mentioned above, i’ve always liked him and the type of politician he’s been, regardless of whether i’ve agreed with his views. but, lamont also has a lot of great things to say, and if conn. dems think he’ll do a better job at representing them than lieberman, more power to ’em. it’ll certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out in the coming months…

  10. 10

    uccellina said,

    Hyphen, I think Lieberman in any form, Democrat or Independent, will split the vote, because so many Republicans will vote for him. I think he has, unfortunately, a decent shot in the general election.

  11. 11

    uccellina said,

    David G. Smith: Please note that my words about the RW blog were written here, in my own space, in which, by all American values standards, I have a perfect right to say whatever I wish. My commenters have not gone over to his blog, nor have I advocated that they do so. Nor did I, at any time, call for his blog to be removed from the BestBlog page, though I was glad of the decision to do so.

    Please move any further discussion of this topic to the thread in which it belongs.

  12. 12

    uccellina said,

    I should clarify quickly, for readers of the RW blog, that “Insert thunderous applause here” refers to Ned Lamont, not to the statement which follows it. You know, since you generally don’t applaud things which haven’t yet been said.

  13. 13

    Hyphen said,

    Anyone know off-hand how Independents are given committee assignments in Congress? It seems to me that if one is going to take care of constituents (as it seems Lieberman has forgotten to do) that a good committee assignment is the way to go.

  14. 14

    where i come from??? literaly or biographicly-?
    David G. Smith
    age 41, education 4yrs col., 4yrs mil.
    occupation: D.O.D./U.S.A.F. Space command.[civilian]
    political affiliation: 100% independent.
    other nonsense: white, married once-[wife, 5 children killed in auto accident 2003]
    anti-immigration, pro-choice, pro-gun, pro-American-LOL. family came from ger. in 1705.
    PS: i/we can psell ridddicule any way i/we choose to. although o’l GW said the constitution is just a piece of paper, nov. 11-2004. any other Q’s???, Dave

  15. 15

    Kristin said,

    Admist all this, may I just say, you rule for sticking up, Uccelina.

    I’m still reading, by the way 🙂

  16. 16

    uccellina said,

    Thank you, Kristin. I’m still reading you, too.

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