Fishnest revisited.

I found another pattern for fishnet stockings. I might try them at some point, though I think the trauma from the first effort might have to heal first.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the First Sock. I have a bad feeling it’s going to be too small. Anyone out there wear a size 7 or under? Do I have the sock for you! Sure, I could rip it out and start over, but eh. I don’t wear socks too often anyway.

One thing that I did take away from the whole fishnest experience was that I like knitting small projects. This could be seen as damning evidence of my pathological need for instant gratification, or perhaps of my short attention span. I prefer to think of it as my irrepressible creativity, which refuses to be tied down to one project and is constantly looking for the Next Wonderful Thing.

So here are some of my ideas for upcoming knitting projects:

  • A second place ribbon for Joe
  • A “Feminist Knitter” felted handbag
  • A document pouch for your broken, tattered copies of the Constitution
  • And, since so many of my friends are having babies lately, Red diapers!

More ideas welcome.


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  1. 1

    firefly8868 said,

    Good blog. And, I have to agree about the small projects being enjoyable … whatever the reason for them. I love ’em.


  2. 2

    Annika said,

    You would post this too late for me to see before my run to the yarn store. Sam needs red diapers, and I would have settled for red soakers! I’ll just have to buy some red fabric instead, for actual diapers. Or maybe dye some prefolds.

    Furthermore, my feet are size 7.

  3. 3

    Hyphen said,

    I think you should do an entire line of knitted thongs. And uhm, peeps. Knitting and stuffing a dozen peeps would be awesome. 🙂

  4. 4

    uccellina said,

    Oooo, I bet I could knit a peep. Knowing the internet, there’s probably a pattern for it out there somewhere. This is all I can find right now, though.

  5. 5

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    DUDE. I get one bad migraine and I miss out on all the fun!!! What the HECK did you get yourself into? (Can you tell I just went back and read all the comments?!) Too friggin funny. Always one to stir things up! I just love the fact that you are so friggin intelligent you can make your case and stand your ground without coming off like a screaming meanie.

    I have such a crush.

    And also, Dave J. what’s-his-face – good for him. It takes a strong person to apologize. Whether or not I agree with his position, he recognized that he acted with a lack of decorum. And that’s what we’re all about, right?

    More importantly, TOYS. Toys are so much fun and you don’t have to follow a pattern and they bring so much joy to recipients, and I just could rave on and on about the value of hand knit toys. I couldn’t access your link, but here’s a pattern (although you don’t need it!) for peep-type toys []

    Of course you know about [], but another favorite of mine is [] She’s crazy cool

    ALSO, is anyone going tonite, or is everyone going to Dodger SnP? I ask this here because (obviously) this is read by everyone who’s anyone and even a few that aren’t.

  6. 6

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    Dave G. Smith. I have a memory like a sieve.

  7. 7

    Annika said,

    I’ll be there tonight. And I am everyone that’s anyone.

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