Simple math: Knitwear + Flailing = Delightful.

BE WARNED: I watched this at work, with the sound off. I have no idea whether she sounds more like a soaring nightingale or a drowning crow.

Camille – Ta Douleur.

(I’d be douleureuse too if I were attacked by a voracious skein of Wool-Ease®.)


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  1. 1

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    I think she is singing about the pain of not swatching.

  2. 2

    miss kendra said,

    it’s actually pretty nice to listen to, but i’m not sure about all those “phhbts.”

    also, this video is crazy weird.

  3. 3

    Laurie Ann said,

    I’m going to throw out all my blue yarn post haste.

  4. 4

    Mom said,

    I agree with the crazy weird but I liked it. Voice is decent, not particularly memorable, but song is good (not that I could understand it). Laurie Ann, some blue yarn is less aggressive. That was a genetically modified strain.

  5. 5

    Husband said,

    C’est knit pas. C’est simplement un film en revers.

  6. 6

    mandarine said,

    Camille is actually one of France’s most famous young alternative singers (you can tell she is good when you know how famous she is while not being showbiz pretty). I had never seen the video of this song, but I can tell you the voice is exactly what you say: a soaring nightingale and a drowning crow at the same time. I am no big fan of hers, but this song is probably my favorite; let me attempt a word-for-word translation here. It is still weird, but probably it makes some sense:

    Lève toi c’est décidé
    Laisse-moi te remplacer
    Je vais prendre ta douleur

    Stand up, it is certain
    let me take your place
    I will take over your pain

    Doucement sans faire de bruit
    Comme on réveille la pluie
    Je vais prendre ta douleur

    Slowly and silently
    As one waking up the rain
    I will take over your pain

    Elle lutte elle se débat
    Mais ne résistera pas
    Je vais bloquer l’ascenseur…
    Saboter l’interrupteur

    She [the pain, feminine in French] struggles and she fights,
    But she will not resist
    I will stop the elevator
    Sabotage the switch

    Mais c’est qui cette incrustée
    Cet orage avant l’été
    Sale chipie de petite soeur ?

    Who is she, this intruder,
    This thunderstorm before summer
    This obnoxious little sister ?

    Je vais tout lui confisquer
    Ses fléchettes et son sifflet
    Je vais lui donner la fessée…
    La virer de la récrée

    I will seize all of her stuff,
    Her darts and her whistle,
    I will spank her
    I will throw her out of the playground

    Mais c’est qui cette héritière
    Qui se baigne qui se terre
    Dans l’eau tiède de tes reins ?

    Who is she, this heiress,
    Bathing and crouching down,
    In the warm water of your back

    Je vais la priver de dessert
    Lui faire mordre la poussière
    De tous ceux qui n’ont plus rien…
    De tous ceux qui n’ont plus faim

    I will give her no dessert
    I will make her bite the dust
    Of all those who have nothing left
    Of all those who are no more hungry

    Dites moi que fout la science
    A quand ce pont entre nos panses ?
    Si tu as mal là où t’as peur
    Tu n’as pas mal là où je pense !

    Tell me what science is doing
    When will we get a bridge between our bellies ?
    If it hurts where you are afraid
    It does not hurt where I am thinking !

    Qu’est-ce qu´elle veut cette conasse
    Le beurre ou l’argent du beurre
    Que tu vives ou que tu meures ?

    What does she wants, this asshole,
    Have the cake or eat it, [litterally: the butter and the butter’s change]
    That you live or that you die ?

    Faut qu’elle crève de bonheur
    Ou qu’elle change de godasses
    Faut qu’elle croule sous les fleurs
    Change de couleur…
    Je vais jouer au docteur

    She has to die of happiness
    Or she must change her shoes,
    Be buried under a heap of flowers
    She must change her colour…
    I will play doctor

    Dites moi que fout la science
    A quand ce pont entre nos panses ?
    Si tu as mal là où t’as peur
    Tu n’as pas mal là où je chante !

    Tell me what science is doing
    When will we get a bridge between our bellies ?
    If it hurts where you are afraid
    It does not hurt where I am singing !

  7. 7

    uccellina said,

    Mandarine, you are my new best friend. Merci!

  8. 8

    Hyphen said,

    I liked the song! I’d probably like it even more if I listened to it without watching the video…

    Uccellina, so when are you going to knit a dress like that?

  9. 9

    desiknitter said,

    Ewww. Somehow that yarn creeping up her leg and then the knitting smothering her was icky. The song was okay, but if you’re surrounded by a yarn stash and you see something like this it’s difficult to sleep easily at night.

  10. 10

    OliviaG said,

    Thanks for the lyric translation, mandarine… but isn’t it “a quand ce pont entre nos pensées”? As in, a bridge between their thoughts? That’s what I heard, and I think that would make more sense than “bellies.”

  11. 11

    Sammie said,

    mandarine, you are amazing. i’m supposed to translate this song for homework, but you’ve already done it for me. are you fluent in french, or did you just find this off of an online translator or something?

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