I’m not dead.

Lawyer saved up work for several months before I left for vacation, then dumped it all on me this past Monday. It is a deliberate and malicious attempt to prevent me from having any fun at all.

I will return soon. Before the end of the week, maybe.

In the meantime, send donuts.


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  1. 1

    Red Diabla said,

    {Homer Simpson}Mmmmmmmmmm, forbidden doooooooonuts…{/Homer Simpson}

  2. 2

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    Crap. I can send 1/2 a gingerbread house, countless See’s chocolates, some “holiday bark”, a gigantic choco-chip cookie, oh, and yes – the extra 75 lbs I put on during this season.

    (Doncha HATE it when lawyers make ya work?!!!!)

  3. 3

    Nora said,

    Donuts are fun. I had a Holiday Staff Lunch today at an Indian restaurant that included a dessert which I cannot remember the name of but basically was a soggy donut dipped in honey. Very exciting stuff.

    Your lawyer man needs to shower you with money and free food.

  4. 4

    Hyphen said,

    How about Sprinkles cupcakes?

  5. 5

    uccellina said,

    Nora – Gulab Jamun? It’s fried dough balls in rosewater. One of my favorite sweets.

  6. 6

    Writer2 said,

    Donuts are a legitimate business expense. Keep the receipts (the more jelly-stained the better). Meanwhile, I’d consider an unfair labor practice suit against this shyster

  7. 7

    mandap said,

    Hello there. I am fresh out of donuts, but may I offer you dried fruit? Or a pannetone?

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