I’m glad I’m at the office today.

Repeat: I’m glad I’m at the office today. Screenshot this sucker, people, because it may be the only time you ever hear me say that.

It’s not that work itself is so orgasmically glorious – au contraire, I just started working for a second Lawyer, whom we’ll call Litigator. In fact, we’ll call him The Litigator, and we’ll say it in deep voices with phony Austrian accents. This means that my normally light-and-fluffy workload has been increased by approximately 6,351 times, and now threatens to crush me at any moment.

So no, work itself is not why I’m glad to be here. I am glad to be here because it is going to hit ninety-two degrees in Los Angeles today, and my home is unblessed by air conditioning.

Ninety-two degrees! Eight days before the first day of Spring! I’m pretty sure that’s unacceptable, even in L.A. It was nearly this hot yesterday, too, and I was not best pleased. I sat out on my lovely patio to knit and had to slink back inside after maybe an hour, because I was developing unsightly sweat stains. The cats have made signs and are planning to take the bus down to town hall in order to picket. Or they were, before I reminded them that they spent all their bus money on Feline Greenies. Now they’re just going to write nasty letters to the Times.

Listen to Al Gore, people. The man knows whereof he speaks.


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  1. 1

    miss kendra said,

    it’s SO HOT.

    i sweat. i sweat and i itch. my cast, it is going to be the death of me.

  2. 2

    Mom said,

    At least your cats are not spending their money on chips and spam. You’ve trained them well.

    We’re basking in the 50s here.

  3. 3

    Annika said,

    You can come over for air conditioning any time.

  4. 4

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    I sleep through the hot days when I’m not at work. Yay. (Litigation *sucks* tho, don’t it?! Can you believe some people do that sheeeyat for a living?!)

  5. 5

    Laurie Ann said,

    So hot…no AC at the office either. I’m hating it.

  6. 6

    Frank said,

    I LOVE the hot weather! I’m sitting in my office freezing, brrr! Hate it. At least I don’t have a cast, egads…

  7. 7

    Hyphen said,

    Yes, it has been really hot. I cant believe we went so quickly from running the heater to the AC. I feel like a bad, bad person for doing it but if I dont, then I’ll get grouchy for lack of sleep and do bad, bad things. Possibly while driving.

  8. 8

    bronnie said,

    When it’s hot as hell, I never have my AC set below 79 or 80. Saves money and energy– and when it’s over 90 outside, its actually quite comfy.
    Nonetheless,several weeks ago I got this card in the mail saying that I as an Edison customer can cut my power rates by $100-200 this summer.So I, the eternal ho for the wisely pinched penny, volunteered to let them put a device on my AC which would shut off the unit at peak usage ,( but only for 20 minute per hour intervals.) Sounded good at the time– but I now see reason in why they sent these cards out in the dead of winter.. Hey wait– this IS winter.. and I’m baking.. That’s jacked.

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