Kook of the week.

As we know, I am fascinated by kooks. Kooks of all kinds, but especially public kooks. Kooks who blog. Kooks who stand on street corners. Even kooks who cook.

So imagine my delight the other day when I was accosted while strolling down the street by a young, earnest woman in a grey hoodie, standing next to a card table from which dangled two signs: “Impeach Cheney First!” and “Al Gore is Lying About Global Warming.” “Don’t believe everything you read!” she yelled, pointing at the newspaper tucked under my arm. Then she thrust a pamphlet at me cheerfully. “Here, read this!”

An elderly, balding white man looked earnestly up at me from the shiny cover of the pamphlet. “Ah, Monsieur LaRouche,” I smiled. “We meet again.”

Lyndon LaRouche has had a long and surprisingly successful career in kookdom. In the 1960s, he was associated with socialist and radical leftist groups, despite his distaste for the influence of the counterculture of that time. He shifted in the next decade to become a rabid right-winger and anti-communist, encouraging his followers to physically attack members of Communist and Socialist groups, including one with which he had previously been affiliated, in his “Operation Mop-Up.” Since then he has run for U.S. President no fewer than eight times, usually trying for the Democratic Party ticket.

Throughout LaRouche’s various political permutations, one theme has remained constant: conspiracy. (Let me try that again. Conspiracy!) Lately, he has turned his attention to Al Gore and Global Warming, which, he says, is a Conspiracy!

Were Gore’s swindle to become established international law, the result would be that the entire planet would now plunge quickly into a prolonged dark age, one deeper, and worse than any other known to us from historical records of the past, a dark age from which only distant future generations would probably recover, but, that only after a probably long, and deep descent of depopulation, into rivalry with whatever species of baboons, or the like, might be available for making such comparisons.

Gore’s motivation for bringing about said Dark Age Of Chaos And Doom:

[T]here are almost species-like, culturally induced differences among human types, axiomatic-like differences in types of cultural breeding which are sometimes comparable in form of expression to differences in biological varieties among lower forms of animal life. In that sense of the matter, in the strictest sense of the term, Al, at bottom, underneath the affected “company manners” exterior, Gore as a specimen, is simply not a desirable sociological type, nor, at this stage in his life, probably civilizable, either.

He goes on to compare Gore to syphillis. No, really.

Of course, what kook would be complete without a Jewish Conspiracy! theory?

“being Jewish, they couldn’t qualify for Nazi Party leadership, even though their fascism was absolutely pure! As extreme as Hitler! They sent them to the United States . . .The independent central-banking-system crowd, the slime-mold. The financier interests.”

(My perennial question: if Jews control the world’s money, why haven’t I gotten any of it?)

Kooks fascinate me, therefore I share them with you. Enjoy.


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  1. 1

    Sachi said,

    Thank you. I like hearing about kooks.

  2. 2

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    Good Lawd, is he still around?!?!? I bet he’s cryogenically frozen, melted every now and again to weigh in on controversial issues.

  3. 3

    Andree said,

    I had no idea he was still alive.

    Now I am having Prop. 64 flashbacks, oy!

  4. 4

    uccellina said,

    Monkeygurrl – from Wikipedia:

    In the Futurama episode “A Head in the Polls”, the character Bender seeks to join the heads of U.S. presidents that are kept in a museum in jars. He is told that he could have a spot in the closet of presidential losers, upon which Bob Dole (from within the closet) states: “Bob Dole needs company… LaRouche won’t stop with the knock knock jokes!”

  5. 5

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    Oh, sheeeyat. That made me almost spit out my water! I loved that show (but with WMG, it was kinda inappropriate to watch). Just another example of stellar characterization!!

  6. 6

    Husband said,

    But…wasn’t LaRouche part of that evil French Canadian Cabal?
    Wasn’t his father an illegal alien from Quebec? Wasn’t the Cabal
    Quebecois responsible for that insidious plot to make us all bi-lingual?
    (Yes, I KNOW it was cleverly disguised as an attempt to make us
    all speak Spanish , not French, but that’s because Quebecois is not
    REAL French, and all those right-wing John Birchers from Vermont
    KNEW that because they live right next door to Canada and THEY let
    all the right-wing Goldwaterites in Arizona know about it, because THEY
    live next to Mexico so they might fall for it, and start building fences
    along the border, instead of watching out for the REAL enemy, who
    were the Viet Namese, But the Viet Namese were too clever for them
    and moved into right-wing Orange County, and disguised THEMSELVES
    as right-wing Republicans who don’t want Hispanic people to vote… SEE????)
    And if LaRouche has been frozen all this time… with all this global warming,
    does that mean that he and Walt Disney are BOTH going to thaw out?
    Does that mean even more anti-union crypto-fascist cartoons to
    pollute the minds of our yet-unborn children?

  7. 7

    Husband said,

    And besides, Walt Disney built Disneyland in ORANGE COUNTY so
    that proves it!

  8. 8

    Husband said,

    …AND, it is a SCIENTIFIC FACT that there is no FLOURIDE in
    the water at Disneyland.

  9. 9

    Laurie Ann said,

    Husband has time on his hands.

    Personally, I’m waiting for Conspiracy! The Musical.

  10. 10

    nora said,

    how is al gore like syphillis?

  11. 11

    uccellina said,

    Gore is, culturally, a sick man; he represents an infectious sickness; but the possibility of a cure, or at least an amelioration of his moral disorder, which is, after all, the crucial issue, depends upon recognizing, as scientists must, the root of the infection which defines both Gore’s influence as, like syphilis, that of not only a symptomatically nasty, but also deadly social disease.

    LaRouche himself merely suffers from chronic logorrhea.

  12. 12

    Mom said,

    I keep trying to forget about LL but he won’t let me!
    And I’ve just returned from seeing a mega-march of Orangemen in Edinburgh. That was a scary sight. Their mission, as always, is to save the United Kingdom.

  13. 13

    nora said,

    So is he saying Gore is syphillis or Gore is a syphillitic person? LaRouche seems pretty symptomatically nasty himself.

  14. 14

    Carolyn J. said,

    I love how that lady told you not to believe everything you read, then handed you something to read.

  15. 15

    belledame222 said,

    oh god oh hod the LaRouche people. THEY SCARE ME MOMMY

    and yeah, i’m still waiting for my Zionist International Conspiracy membership card, goddamit

  16. 16

    belledame222 said,

    –Mom!! you’re HERE!–heh.

    anyhoo: yah, the Orangemen are fookin scary in their own right. actually serious scary.

  17. 17

    julie said,

    There is an interesting movie I watched the other day. True events on gun running thus I guess conspiracy based on actual events.

    It hits home when you think of the gun running and drug running in Africa after the cold war. The amount of chidren affected did hit home to the most of us.

    LaRouche wrote a book on the corruption and was put in jail for fear of his book by George Bush.

    It is also a good movie. LORD OR WAR

  18. 18

    julie said,

    Movie is actually, LORD OF WAR, not Lord or War starring Nicholas Cage.

  19. 20

    julie said,


    Thanx for putting the links. I do not know much about LaRouche and his wrongdoings in his life.

    Yet, I wouldn’t expect people who blow the whistle on corruption to be clean of faults. In fact, I might be suspiscious if they were.

    It makes sense that you have to be involved somehow to know what is going on. Another writer was scientology founder L Ron Hubbard who blew the whistle by publishing science fiction books where he used the names of corrupt people and organisations but with a twist. He was also audited and fled to Europe from America. I guess that is what makes these people want to show up corruption. As you may know Scientology fights the legal use of prescription drugs which has become a major money investment for the same people.

    Whether it is actual conspiracy or just plain greed for wealth and power doesn’t change the fact these things are wrong. But then you would know that if you were drug running or gun running from a high level, you were harming others. That does make it a conspiracy in my eyes.

    Yet another writer is Ollie North, fall guy for George Bush.

  20. 21

    uccellina said,

    Julie – oddly enough, the Scientologists were the subject of another Kook post.

  21. 22

    julie said,


    Firstly, Thanx for replying.

    You say,

    “Scientologists were the subject of another kook post. ”

    I had to giggle at that. Not because I am for Scientology but that I think I can see where you are coming from.

    But I can’t help but consider these Kooks are neccessary. For the most people are busy just getting through their day, week, year with all their responsibilities and more while the world changes so fast with agendas flying left, right and centre. (so to speak)

    Most people IMO try to keep up with the news and the changes yet we (as I am one of them) know lots but only a little of each aspect while these kooks have put alot of energy into understanding something fully. Well sort of. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have balance. Afterall, their voices are heard while most of ours are not.

    Sometimes I think those pushing forward their agendas are just as kooky. LOL

    Do you know what I think is missing? The other side of the coin. But this is where the problem seems to be. It is like having a group of intellectuals fighting over evolution and religion. They will never agree nor negotiate. And the most people are just the ‘piggy in the middle.’

    I hope you do get the DVD out, “Lord of War” It is still in my head and I think it will touch you also especially when you learn the 5 members (countries) of the UN security are involved and that they can never be removed as they are permanent positions. This is your offspring’s world also.

  22. 23

    julie said,


    I have the thought that you are married. Yet, I see you want to “undermine the patriarchy while simultaneously making a sweater” in the part about you.

    Knitting sweaters is fun, I agree, but the wool is too expensive in my country making it cheaper to buy. I only knit for fun now and very occassionally.


    I have a number of friends who work in social services being womens refuge and abortion clinics and one female friend who isn’t speaking to me because I want to balance the genders while she is one step away from being a politition and is a strong feminist. I often remind her for her own sanity that we have male friends because she gets carried away with “Men are liars” and “men are rapists” but then she does work with the hardest cases in our country. In fact she is where the butt stops when it comes to who can have their children and who can’t from the hospital’s new born babies.

    But why do you want to undermine the patriarchy?

  23. 24

    julie said,

    By the way, I also work in the social service sector but with single parents. I suppose that may be why I am curious as to why you want to do this.

  24. 25

    julie said,


    I just got the word they have had a breakthrough in XX Chromozone Sperm meaning lesbians can have a child without the Y factor. Might be something you want to look into. Like much news, you need to wait for it to hit the media.

  25. 26

    uccellina said,

    Julie – these comments are off topic for this post. My other posts on the subject of feminism illuminate my positions.

  26. 27

    julie said,


    Yes I have got off topic and I am sure you get enough questions on Why, why, why? I will look around your site for your views.

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