Let’s face it: I’m congenitally inappropriate.

I lumber onto the elevator, clutching a large and heavy Fed Ex package.

Lawyer in elevator, looking at the box: Big package?
Me, grinning wickedly: Why, thank you!

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  1. 2

    Laurie Ann said,

    The Bill Engval response would be, “No, I’m just incredibly tiny. Here’s your sign.”

  2. 3

    Writer2 said,

    Did the attorney bill you for his time afterwards?

  3. 4

    Frank said,

    “Thanks. Envious?”

  4. 5

    Carolyn J. said,

    You would have also received points for “nice box”.

  5. 6

    Sachi said,

    I would have done a bad thing… Like looked him up and down and then smirked… then gotten fired.

  6. 7

    He walked right into that one, didn’t he?

  7. 8

    That is sooo the kind of sense of humor that always gets me in trouble.

  8. 9

    That is so the kind of sense of humor that always gets me into trouble. I was at a very nice restaurant with my parents when I was sixteen. When the waiter asked how many wine glasses we wanted, I told the waiter to, ” bring it in a paper bag. We’ll just pass it around.” Mortified my mother. heeee

  9. 10

    Floobynooby said,

    Ha I like. Always think of things to say afterwards but never on the spur of the moment. SHARP!!

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