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It’s not brain surgery, people. Oh, wait. Yes, it is.

Last night, at my knitting group, I finally met someone famous. He was tall and blondish, and I positively melted under his luminous, blue-eyed gaze. Okay, so he was a little drunk. But you would be too, after that much milk.

Evan, milk-drunk

His name is Evan, he’s eight months old, and I’d been hearing all about him from his mama and her friends since before he was even born. But somehow, our paths never crossed until last night.

Some of you already know about Evan, and some of you met him even before I did (and to you I say boo! hiss! not fair!), but for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, here’s another photo:

Allison & Evan

Evan was born with a rare condition known as Hypothalmic Hamartoma, a benign brain tumour that causes gelastic (laughing) seizures. This serious condition will require surgery quite soon.

I know you’re all wondering how you can help, and luckily for you, there are several ways!

  • 1. Evan’s mom, Allison, runs a wonderful online craft-supply store called SuperCrafty. If you like the awesome t-shirt Evan’s wearing in the photos above, you can make one yourself (maybe with a different name) with the onesies and iron-ons here.
  • 2. Allison also has a donation fund for Evan, to which you can contribute by going to her blog and clicking on the donation button in the sidebar. This method comes with some perks, too. Remember Frank, who made me a yarn cake? Well, evidently, Frank’s generosity and ingenuity do not stop at cake.

    So here is our idea: Momma and Poppa already have a PayPal account set up to take donations (which you can access by going here and clicking on Evan’s Brain Surgery Fund). Click the link and make a donation to Evan’s Surgery Fund. Then send me an email at frankvarney AT mac DOT com with the date and amount of your donation (we’re going on honor here). For every $5 donation you make to Evan’s Brain Surgery Fund I’ll put your name into a drawing for a prize once. A $25 donation will get your 5 entries! (And the love, kharma, and warm tingling feelings that go with helping out a little guy and his family in need!)

    And here are the prizes:

    more hearts for evan even more hearts

    Two quilts, handmade by Frank and his friend Joan.

  • 3. Instead of your regular search engine, use It’s a Google search, but all proceeds go to Evan’s surgery fund. Bookmark it. Use it. So easy!
  • Okay, people. I don’t want to go all Sally Struthers on you here, but I will if I have to.

    Evan sacked out


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My buttocks. I burned them.

Public service announcement: Always sunblock your butt when snorkeling.

We have returned from a magical, warm, fantastic, relaxing, chicken-filled week in Hawai’i.

We saw lava flowing from a volcano, five miles away:
Lava from 5 miles away on Mt. Kilauea - Big Island

Five hours after we left, they closed this trail down due to an earthquake swarm. A few days later, magma oozed out of a new place on the volcano, while the flow pictured above began to dissipate. Pele loves me.

The next day, I went snorkeling, which adventure prompted the PSA above. I have dropped off the underwater cameras at the photo lab, and hope to have fish photos for you soon.

Two views from the terrace of our hotel on Kauai,
Kauai Hyatt - view from terrace
Kauai Hyatt - view from terrace

where I managed to get some knitting done.
Kauai Hyatt - knitting

Spent a lovely afternoon at the beach,
Larsen's Beach - shells

where I saw a net fisherman
Larsen's Beach - net fisherman Larsen's Beach - net fisherman

and a nudist.
Larsen's Beach - nudie Larsen's Beach - nudie

There were high points,
Princeville Resort view Waimea Canyon top Waimea Canyon Na'pali view
(High! Pointy!)

and low points,
Waimea Canyon Waimea Canyon Na'pali view Wailua Falls
(Low! Pointy!)

and pointy plants,
Allerton Garden - pineapple Allerton Garden - Morton Bay Fig Trees

but I loved them all.
I stare into the void Waimea Canyon Na'pali Allerton Garden - Contemplating the Morton Bay Fig Tree Wailua Falls

I even loved the ubiquitous chickens.
Chickens at Opaeka'a Falls Lookout Allerton Garden chicken Waimea Canyon chickens Wailua Falls chickens Kentucky Fried chickens

And I was very sad to leave.
Last look

Full set of photos here.

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Where’s Uccellina?

As of tomorrow, I’m here. Then I’ll go here. Most of the reason I haven’t been blogging lately is that all I can think about is this vacation. That little issue should be resolved by the time I get back. We can hope, anyway.

See y’all in about a week!

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Friday LOLCATblogging

I made an LOLCAT! You can too.

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