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So hard to know what to say sometimes.

Hello y’all. I have a lot going on. Most of which is unbloggable. I would like to be here with you, but I feel somehow dishonest when I write casual posts during difficult times.

Here’s one thing that has been happening: My best friend of nineteen years lost her mother this past weekend. It was neither unexpected nor sudden, but the loss is still very sad.

What was not sad, however, was the death itself. It’s rare, in this country, in this age, that birth or death takes place at home, lovingly, without bright lights and machines beeping everywhere. But that’s precisely what this family achieved: a quiet, domestic letting-go, with time and space for meaningful goodbyes.

I am enormously proud of my friend, and of her whole family. I am proud of her mother, and glad that her spirit made its transition so gracefully.

I strongly encourage you all to go read my friend Silligirl’s account of the whole process. She wants the put the word out that it is possible for death to be beautiful, even when the loss is painful.


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A victory.

Once, in the throes of knitting agony, I summoned every ounce of courage I could muster, and asked for help. And you? You were there; you came through for me. And I was so grateful, I cried for days and tattooed each and every one of your names on my neck. And then, in the honored tradition of dysfunctional families everywhere, we never spoke of it again.

Until today!

I hereby reveal to you . . . Sizzle!

Sizzle (Knit & Tonic)

Sizzle (Knit & Tonic)

(I actually finished it before we went to Hawaii. Like, four o’clock in the morning, on the day we left.)

In future, I will put in a few more short rows. Not that the fabric-stretching-perilously-to-cover-the-enormous-boobs look doesn’t work for me, but I’d like to maybe be able to wear my tops to work, too.

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