Last few days

Sunday: Wake up at 8 a.m. to gush of bright red blood, which then subsides to brown spotting. Promptly FREAK OUT. Call doctor. Listen to doctor’s reassurance. Spend rest of day in bed, knowing with logical mind that everything is okay, but FREAKING OUT quietly nonetheless.

Still spotting. Arrive in doctor’s office 15 minutes before it opens. Struggle to hold shit together. Stare at ceiling, tears slipping treacherously from corners of eyes. Nearly break Husband’s hand by holding it too tightly. Get ultrasound. Watch babies practicing tai chi, clearly cheerful and oblivious to parents’ emotional upset. Listen to doctor’s reassurance. Spend rest of day in bed, knowing with logical mind that everything is okay, but still fretting.

Tuesday: Call part-time tutoring job and quit, on doctor’s orders. Spend day in bed, knowing with logical mind that everything is okay, but still fretting.

Wednesday: Back at desk. Know everything’s okay, but, surprise, still fretting. But! – and this is such an important But that I had to edit this post jut to fit it in – Today is my third wedding anniversary! I would like to thank Husband for being the best damn husband in the whole wide universe. I’m awfully fond of that man.


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  1. 1

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    Awwww, hunny. I’m sorry. You just keep your feet up and let hubband spoil you for a while. The Sacs are fine, but you can’t be all stressin’ out and stuff!

    (Just wait until they’re teenagers; then they will REALLY give you stuff to worry about!!!)

  2. 2

    Nora said,

    -insert GREAT BIG HUG here-

  3. 3

    elsewhere said,

    Phew! All’s well that ends well, I guess. I’m glad you like your husband so much; not everyone likes theirs.

  4. 4

    Andree said,

    What MonkeyGurrl said.

  5. 5

    Celeste said,

    Hey birthday buddy, I’m glad that all is well. Chilluns sometimes give the mamas a scare!

    Congrats on 3 years of happy. May it only grow.

  6. 6

    Red Diabla said,

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!

    Don’t let the kidlets scare you so much now…let ’em get you later!

  7. 7

    Frank said,

    Gosh, if they’re doing this to you know, what until the Terrible Twos hit! AND it’s Terrible Twos SQUARED! egads…

  8. 8

    Husband said,

    I KNEW we shouldn’t have gotten the kids those skate boards.

    Happy anniversary, Sweetie.

    Ti do un bacio,
    e anche due baci di piu,
    pei Gemelli.

  9. 9

    from away said,

    Glad you’re all ok.

    Three already?? Dang. Congrats! 🙂

  10. 10

    cheryl said,

    Glad to hear everything is fine. I had an incident when I was about 7 months pregnant (read: 10 weeks too early to be giving birth!) when I was convinced my water had broken. It hadn’t, though no one could explain the small but significant gush of clear liquid in my pants… but it took me a good few days to calm down after that. So I imagine that fear would be multiplied by twins, early pregnancy, and blood. I am so happy that all three of you are safe and sound.

    To kids: be nicer to your mama! She works hard for you!

  11. 11

    liz said,

    I am sending nice, soothing “STAY PUT” thoughts to your babies and hugs and kisses to you.

  12. 12

    Diane Dawson said,

    You know, if those two scare the pants off you again on a weekend, you can always call me and my trusty doppler to come over…
    Sending hugs.

  13. 13

    bronnie said,

    Happy, Happy 3rd anniversary!
    Much love to the 4 of you!

  14. 14

    A said,

    Happy for you all! Clearly 3 is a good number for you!

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