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Please hold!

I’m back East until next Tuesday.

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Moment of cute.

Husband called to relate a conversation he just had with a neighbor, and I couldn’t resist passing it on:

Husband: Have you heard the news?
Neighbor Lady: That she’s going to have twins? You are the luckiest people ever!
Neighbor Lady’s 6-yr-old Son: She’s having kittens?
Neigbor Lady: No, Uccellina’s going to have babies. From her tummy.
Neighbor Lady’s Son [thoroughly disappointed]: Oh.


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Pregnant ≠ Brainwashed

John Dias:

Just when I thought that you were so enamored of the gift of life that is now growing in your womb — the inherent goodness of that child — you prove yourself once again an ideologue.

Translation: What? Women keep thinking even after they’re knocked up?

I’ve actually been waiting for this moment. I knew, at some point, someone would assume that pregnancy had negated my feminism. Please let me assure you: it has only strengthened my beliefs. I want my children of either sex to have reproductive choice and freedom. I want my children to be artists like their parents, but I also want them to eventually solve the world’s most pressing problems of disease, hunger, and injustice, and I don’t want any path closed to them because of their sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

I believe that good parenting is, in large part, about being a good role model. If I want freedom and choice, opportunity and achievement for my children, then I have a duty to embody those things in my own life. And I intend to do so.

Sorry to disappoint, John! Oh, wait. No, I’m not.

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My new favorite blog

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Rock and roll, kids.

I felt the babies move last night. I wasn’t sure that was possible at 15 weeks, but my midwife has confirmed that it is. It was a small rolling feeling just above and a few inches in from my right hipbone.

Damn, this pregnancy thing is weird. I think I love it.

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Late to the party. Again.

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

So evidently, yesterday was the GREAT MOFO DELURK 2007. That was the day on which I should have posted this cheeky little button and begged everyone who reads this blog to leave a comment. I thought about doing it yesterday, but became a little frightened that maybe no one would comment and I’d be all sad and embarrassed. Then I got distracted, and forgot about it altogether.

But, dammit, I’m going to be brave a day late. If you read this blog, whether you usually leave a comment or not, leave one here! Because I require reassurance.

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Crafty Saturday

On Saturday, Annika and I drove all the way out to San Gabriel to attend a fiber-arts yard sale. We were both primarily in search of wool that would work for diaper soakers*, and thus were delighted to find an entire bin of undyed fisherman’s wool for $10. Rubbing our hands together in cartoonish excitement, we purchased the bin and divided it between the two of us.

Unfortunately for me, most of my skeins turned out to be infested with moth larvae, and even the one that wasn’t infested was chewed through in about six or seven places. I threw out the buggy ones, but decided to keep the unbugged one and Kool-Aid dye it.

First I unwound the skein, cursing at all the moth-munched breakages, and washed it in mild soap and water.

Washing unddyed yarn

Then I prepared my Kool-Aid, using three tablespoons of water to one packet of drink powder (except for the yellow, for which I used a lower ratio of water to powder because I didn’t want it to come out too pale).

All prepared to dye

Using my turkey baster (not just for lesbian inseminators anymore!), I carefully applied the Kool-Aid in stripes to the yarn.

Halfway dyed

Totally forgot to wear gloves. (It washed off by Monday, but I went around all weekend telling people to “look at the red hand of death!” This went over particularly well at the picnic we attended on Sunday.)


Microwaved it, washed it again, and hung it up to dry overnight.

Hand dyed yarn drying

Et voila!

Finished Handdyed yarn

Unfortunately, because only one skein turned out to be usable and the yarn itself is in such poor condition (Fisherman’s Wool from Sears, anyone? I’m guessing it’s about thirty years old), I may not be able to knit a whole soaker out of it. I think I’m going to stripe it with some Lamb’s Pride.

*(Annika says the wonderful pattern she has developed for soakers will be available soon at her Etsy shop).

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