It’s Blog For Choice Day

Blog for Choice Day

NARAL Pro-Choice America wants to know why I vote pro-choice.

I vote pro-choice because I believe that women’s bodies are their own property, and not anyone else’s.

I vote pro-choice because, as someone who is currently 30 weeks pregnant, I am quite certain that no one should ever be forced to do this.

29 weeks 3 days (twins)

29 weeks 3 days (twins)

I vote pro-choice because I love my soon-to-be children, and want them to have all of the rights and opportunities that I have had.


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  1. 1

    Laurie Ann said,

    Goodness! That is one belly full o’ babes you got there.
    Also, here here. In my new office building, there is a school for pregnant teens and it makes me sad and angry that these little girls have to endure not only the pain of pregnancy, but the shame of having to attend a special school hidden away in a downtown office building. They look so miserable and defeated at such a young age.

  2. 2

    Mom said,

    Well said! And love that belly!

  3. 3

    Nora said,

    You look beautiful.

    I saw Pam (from creative writing class in high schoo) today and l that you were having twins and she about fell over.

  4. 4

    Red Diabla said,

    Rock on…great photos, too!

  5. 5

    SilliGirl said,

    Love the belly pics…keep ’em coming!

    (Oh yeah, Choice is good too.)

  6. 6

    Jenna said,

    That’s awesome.

    Well said (and illustrated)!

  7. 7

    Deb said,

    I agree! Love the belly shot.

  8. 8

    Natalie said,

    What is going on in there? Looking good. Keep cookin’.
    Choice is good.

  9. 9

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    How can yer belly be so bulgy, and yet the rest of your body be so tiny?! I swear, with just one, my belly was bulgy and the rest o’ me looked like an NFL linebacker. Wish I was religious; then I could genuinely say, “AMEN, mah sistah!!!”

  10. 10

    winegrrl said,

    Are you going to have an impression made of your belly?

  11. 11

    Heather said,

    I can’t believe how slim the rest of the body is and you have twins in that belly! Each I was pregnant with 1 each, I was bigger than you both back and front!!!LOL…With my first, my doc said I had exceed the circumference of a ‘twin’ preg.

    Just found your blog and I am wishing you tons of happiness with lots of smiles and giggles to make getting through each day a breeze. Savour the moments.

  12. 12

    janey1lee said,

    I wanted to express how pregnancy affected my beliefs on abortion and your post said it perfectly. Thank you

  13. 13

    katie said,


    When you decide to have sex, you’re taking the risk of becoming pregnant, so why should an innocent child have to pay for your mistake?

    Pro-choice is quite an ironic statement. You are given the right to an abortion, but what about the baby’s rights? You didn’t even give him or her the right to make a choice.

    Abortion is murder any way you cut it. I still cannot believe how ignorant some people can be on this issue. You can’t argue how this isn’t murder, can you?

    Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn if you’re pregnant and I find it disgusting how you can be carrying a child and still think abortion is “ok”.

    • 14

      Jessica said,

      until you go through it, then start to talk. be a women and stand up for your rights. you should also be saying how we shouldnt be able to vote.

      • 15

        Eis said,

        I have had a baby, and though the pregnancy was hard, and unexpected, I wouldn’t give him up for the world. I was married when I became pregnant, but I was still very young (only 17 when I married, and 3 months later I found out I was carrying our child). Around the time my son was 6 months old, my husband’s 19th birthday was coming up, and we left my son with his grandparents for an evening at a shared friends house. There was a man there that I had always tried to avoid because he has molested me when I was younger. I urged my husband to take me home, but he and our friend insisted that we stayed, and I swallowed me fear and began to relax. There was drinking, of course, and in my nervous state, I consumed much more than I should have. At some point I had passed out and was raped. I found out later that I was with child. I made the hard descision to abort the baby (it was 5 weeks old). It wasn’t the child’s fault, but I was scared, and I knew that I didn’t want the advances that were made on me. I will never forgive myself for the descision, it haunts me day and night. I will wake up from horrible night mares where I am soaked in blood. The pain was worse than when I gave birth to my full term son. It is your choice, but know the whole story. The enrvous system is the first thing to develop, so I knew that the little baby felt pain. I don’t know for how long, but I think part of me will always carry that pain. My husband understands my reason for making the descision, but he told before hand that he didn’t care, that as long as we were married, it was his child. We are now expecting another baby, and it is only another constant reminder of what I killed. Yes, I honestly believe I killed that poor, helpless being that had depended on me for care, love, and warmth. If you make the choice to give up your child, talk to someone that has done it before. If nothing else, consider adoption. I now wish I had made that choice for my little one.

  14. 16

    dancinp said,

    actually katie, i could very easily argue that abortion isn’t murder (and i’m sure uccellina could as well). but, i doubt i’d change your mind, and i’ve got better things to do than get into a mudslinging contest with someone who feels the need to be a shit stirrer on a year-old blog post, especially on such a contentious issue. you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but if you find uccellina’s views disgusting, you might want to cut your losses and check out another blog. most of the regular commenters are pretty much on the same page as she, so it’s probably best if you don’t waste your time.

  15. 17

    itatianna said,

    You have a pretty baby belly=]

    Katie- Pro-choice is just that a choice to have an abortion or not. Therefore is you dont believe in them, you don’t have to get one. But for those who may can have one. Pro-life eliminates a right for others. Not every believes in what you do and you need to understand that.

  16. 18

    Sarah said,

    Katie –
    Yes, I could fight you on the statement that abortion is murder, but I’d rather not waste my time on ignorant people like yourself.
    Believe what you want to believe and let others do the same. A woman’s body is her own and NOBODY has the right to tell her what to do with it.

  17. 19

    madariaga said,

    so u are voting pro choice, not even because u don’t consider the baby inside a human, but so that woman can avoid the troubles and uncomfortableness of a pregnancy.. good, so u consider the life of a person is less worth than that. WOW.

    so once u have your baby born and hold him in your arms, i wonder if u will be able to look direct into his/her eyes i think: if u were ment to be born from another woman¡s body and she didn’t feel like going through a pregnancy, it’s ok if u got killed. (feel sorry for the baby,, feels like u r not such a loving mother)

    (besides, it is NOT YOUR body!!!)

    PLEASE, use the logic, and it won’t be hard at all to realise how evil are your thoughts, and STOP RIGHT NOW your contribution in the killing of innocent babys such as yours!

  18. 20

    Rebecca said,

    As a mother of 3 daughters and one on the way, I vote and am passionately PRO-LIFE because it’s not ONLY my body in existence, but a child’s body too that has the right to live. If you have the right to live and choose your own path in life, that child in you, and every child at that, deserves the right to make their own lives too. God already put that life in there, it’s no one’s right to say He made a mistake and have it destroyed. Are you brave enough to view pictures of abortions? If you saw what I have, you may have the whole truth then. Even the woman who started Roe v. Wade and won is not pro-life and marches in defense of it. I pray the same for you one day. No child should have to face a horrifying death because of a mothers selfish reasons, or a sick, perverse mans lust and sins.

  19. 22

    Rebecca said,

    *Even the woman who started Roe v. Wade and won, is NOW pro-life and marches in defense of it. I meant to say…

    • 23

      Sara Marie said,

      I’m sorry, but you’ve made the choice once you decide to have sex. There is never a reason or an excuse to kill an innocent baby. Where is the babies choice? I guess I feel I need to say this since obviously so many mothers aren’t sticking up for their babies out there, I have to stand up for their babies. Adoption is a beautiful, wonderful thing. There are so many parents out there desperate to have children that can’t. If you’re not ready for motherhood, don’t kill your baby through abortion. Give the gift of life to another. Choose adoption.

      • 24

        Sarah A said,

        I am pro choice because there are always exceptions. I am not comfortable with women who have willing had unprotected sex and use abortion as a delayed form of contraception. But what about women who are raped? They haven’t willing had sex. It’s okay to say give the baby up for adoption but 9 months is a long time to carry a child that is the result of an event your trying to heal from. I have a cousin who had an abortion at 22 weeks on medical grounds. She was already a mother and the decision she made was agonising for her an her partner. But with advise from doctors, she weighed up the quality of life the baby would have and opted for an abortion. How can we judge her? She had to give birth to her son knowing he would be dead. She had to deal with feelings of guilt because as a society abortion is frowned upon. She is still a mother who has lost a child. But ultimately the decision she made wasn’t based on selfishness or regret at falling pregnant. Her son was planned and much wanted but unfortuantely had spina bifitar. I am grateful we live in a world where we have a choice. I am a mother of 2 happy healthy children, abortion has never been something I have needed to consider an option but I am in no position to judge anyone who is forced to consider it an option.

    • 25

      Melissa said,

      That’s not true. I had the privilege of sitting near the woman who argued Roe v Wade at a Planned Parenthood fundraising event in Austin, TX about three years ago. She is still stridently pro-choice, and an amazing woman in her own right if you ever get the chance to meet her in person. I was so enamored with being in the same room as her that I actually didn’t notice (totally true story) when a candle caught the centerpiece of our table on fire. A woman from another table had to come and douse it for us.
      And Rebecca, try not to state things as fact when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Just sayin.

      Love the blog post, and congrats on the twins. BTW, as a pregnant, pro-choice mom, I would just say that I know women for whom pregnancy ends up being a life-threatening condition. My best friend nearly died. Abortion simply has to be an option for some women. It’s tragic, yes. It’s devastating, yes. But if you make it illegal, you simply force women to seek back-alley abortions. It would be lovely if life were like a Disney cartoon where simply by banning something, you could eradicate it completely, but this is real life and that’s simply not going to happen. If you feel it’s murder, that’s fine, don’t have one. But you don’t have the right to make that decision for other women when you clearly don’t have all the facts.

      • 26

        cherry said,

        If you saw hitler killing all the jews as murder, you wouldn’t feel the need to at least speak out against it?

      • 27

        cherry said,

        What I’m trying to say is, if you felt something is murder, would you really be happy to keep that feeling to yourself, and let others simply murder precious life. Would you really feel you were wasting your time to try to save a person? What are you living for? Just yourself? You are so selfish and stupid to believe that if a life comes along unplanned you can demolish him oor her, and say to yourself, ‘you go girl!

      • 28

        cherry said,

        What I’m trying to say is, if you felt something is murder, would you really be happy to keep that feeling to yourself, and let others simply murder precious life. Would you really feel you were wasting your time to try to save a person? What are you living for? Just yourself? You are so selfish and stupid to believe that if a life comes along unplanned you can demolish him or her, and say to yourself, ‘you go girl! Fly your rights! Don’t let anything get in my way! This is my life, my CHOICE! NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO! ME ME ME!’ Anyone trys to tell you that you are accountable to someone greater than you, its like the show in the shopping isle when little sally can’t have her bag of lollies. Hod holds life the most precious thing there is. When you stand before Him, you will know better. Hopfully before then, tho.

      • 29

        Melissa said,

        Cherry: if it takes three attempts to get out “what you’re trying to say” you might want to take a deep breath and organize your deranged, rambling, disorganized thoughts into one coherent statement.

        I’m not exactly sure how any of that was a rebuttal of my original point, but you managed to throw around plenty of assumptions, generalizations and insults. (Always a good call, right? And a favorite tactic of the pro-life movement; if you can’t win on the facts, resort to name-calling and threats of divine retribution. Let me assure you, I’m absolutely terrified.)

        Since you didn’t get the gist the first time, let me repeat: are abortions awful? Yes. Will they happen regardless of the law? Yes. As long as there are unwanted pregnancies, there will be women desperate to end them–it simply seems more pragmatic to understand that the world isn’t as simple as your black & white, good vs evil mindset. There are women who need to terminate pregnancies for a variety of reasons too vast for us to list here, and calling them all murderers is about as stupid as comparing a woman who argued in front of the supreme court to Hitler.

        But that’s okay, don’t let me stop you from the enjoyment you clearly derive from seeing yourself as some kind of avenging angel–forcing your narrow-minded viewpoints on others with scorn and invectives, and twisting facts to suit yourself and your little assumptions.

        You go girl.

  20. 30

    Stephanie said,

    That makes no sence….

  21. 31

    Kristin said,

    You say you vote pro choice because no one should be’forced’ to carry a child? You know how you got pregnant I assume. We’re you forced? Just wondering.

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