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Hello! We are still alive and drooling.

Wren has, just this afternoon, discovered that being put down for a brief period of time is not actually the end of the world. This frees my hands for blogging, though who knows for how long.

There is so much happening here, and at the same time very little. I suppose it depends on your perspective; if you are the fascinated-with-developmental-changes-and-bowel-movements type, we are a household of nonstop fun. If you are the why-does-every-new-parent-obsess-about-baby-poop type, then I got nothin’ for ya. Because, the poop, it is a frequent topic of conversation around here. Which baby did it, how often, how much, what color and consistency – yes, we discuss these things. I won’t bore you with the details, except to say that my daughter’s no-poop record is now seventeen days. I was pretty impressed with that. Not as impressed as I was with the eventual product, which filled a diaper and covered my left side from hip to shoulder, but didn’t I say no details?

In non-poop news, the babies voted for Obama, and were disappointed by Clinton’s campaign tactics. I tried to explain political strategy to them and described the historical importance of both campaigns, but, y’know, they’re babies. Short attention spans. Frankly, I think they voted based on this poster. (It is a good poster, though.)

Both babies like to spend their days at the bookstore, not because they are particularly literate or fond of lattes, but rather because it has air conditioning, and our house does not. This makes tandem nursing at home a very sweaty endeavor, but we keep at it.

downward slide 2
And this is what happens when we are done with tandem nursing and have fallen victim to both sleep and gravity. And yes, we’re going bald. It’s so sad.

Speed wrap-up, because Wren is beginning to fuss: we love Bumgenius and the Whoozit, hate sunhats and the stroller, and the dangly kitty-faced toy on our swing is starting to freak us out.


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