How many racist stereotypes can we fit in this box?

A little background: Lawyer is a hard-core right-winger. I’m a left-wing “moonbat,” as I was charmingly called recently. Somehow, we get along great.

Lawyer: John and Cindy McCain were on The View the other morning, and of course they had to ask her, “So, Cindy, how many houses do you have?” And she was great. She said “What do you want from me? I come from a wealthy family.”

Me: Leaving aside the question of Cindy McCain’s finances or ethics, I generally think that candidates’ spouses should be irrelevant to the election.

Lawyer: Well, I generally agree with you. Except for Michelle Obama. She’s an angry Black woman, and I don’t want that in the White House.

Me: Are you serious? She’s a Harvard educated, politically astute woman of color, and obviously that’s threatening to a lot people, but what’s she got to do with Barack Obama’s qualifications for the presidency?

Lawyer: Everyone knows she wears the pants in that family. She’s got a chip on her shoulder.

Me: This conversation won’t end well, you know that, right?


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  1. 1

    Annika said,

    Moonbats are my second favorite kind of bats (Bat Poets being the first).

  2. 2

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    I’ve requested that no political discussions take place around my work area during work hours. There’s just NO WAY anything good will come of it. Sigh. November can’t get here soon enough…

  3. 4

    amy said,

    My head is about to a-splode.

  4. 5

    Mom said,

    What I commend you for is your ability to be civil in the face of obvious bigotry. If you weren’t talking to Lawyer, it would be very easy to simply start screaming. But that, of course, doesn’t get one anywhere or educate anyone to think differently.

    Meanwhile, to cheer us all up, I watched MSNBC last night (the Overman and Maddow shows, which are brilliant and actually better than the Daily Show) and found about that, apparently, John McCain doesn’t know where Spain is or that Spain is an ally. Wonder if Lawyer thinks that total ignorance of geography (hint: Spain is not in Latin America) and NATO is a good thing.

  5. 6

    Cecelia said,

    People are afraid of change. They are afraid of facing a dark and racist past in this country with slavery and the annihilation of the first nations people. Then people are afraid of the fact that they may be racist, sexist and classicist in their everyday thinking and lives. To change even in themselves would be revolutionary!

  6. 7

    Nora said,

    I’d have a freaking chip on my shoulder if I were treated the way Michelle Obama is. I find her absolutely remarkable. But yes, she’s not running, she’s just something for the media to make hay out of rather than talking about what should be done about poverty.

  7. 8

    mr cracker said,

    I’m approving the following just so you all can see what kind of crazies are out there on the McCain/Palin side. This, people, is why you need to vote. – Uccellina

    What absurd left wing moonbat drivel. SNOBama (Keep your change, you’ll need it) and his wife are affirmative action babies of the worst sort and should be feared for their socialist george soros (small man, small letters) New World Order policies. The country has enough problems without electing a do nothing political activist with ties to domestic terrorists and reparation fanatics. Besides, where is his COLB (Certificate of Live Birth) and why won’t he show it BEFORE the election? If (probably) he was born in Kenya to a polygamist father and an underage mother (under 19) then he is not a natural born US citizen and has no constitutional right to be President. But I’m sure we’ll find that out to late…….BTW – we call her michelle OH NO!

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