A bittersweet day.

At the same time California votes to make a Black man president, it bans same-sex marriage.

This Washington Post article from June explains the clusterfuck that could well result from this law. What will happen to the thousands of couples who married between May 15 and yesterday? Will heterosexual marriages be halted under the part of the Supreme Court decision not altered by this amendment, which prohibits different recognition of same-sex couples and heterosexual couples?

I hope by the time Robin and Wren are grown up, they’ll be guaranteed the right to marry no matter what their sexual orientation.

Edited to add: Faith has more here.


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    mom said,

    I hope so, too. I keep thinking of California as a pretty progressive state, but clearly it’s got a way to go. Thank goodness we in Connecticut defeated a ballot initiative to allow propositions to go before the general electorate. It was supported by a coalition of anti-choice groups and pro-“family” (really, who isn’t?) folks who hoped to make such actions possible here.

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    Red Diabla said,

    A lot of the pro-Prop 8 funding came from out-of-state Mormons and catholics. Which makes me wish there had been an anti-Prop 8 campaign that said, “You already have Utah, quit making this state as f***ed up as that place!”

  3. 3

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    I didn’t realize how emotionally invested I was in defeating prop 8 (and 4) until I looked at the map of our state and saw how many counties supported it. I cried (literally). It just kills me that we can have come so far yet still be so easily swayed by bigotry and fear. I hope (I would pray, if I wasn’t such a godless heathen) that you are right, and our children won’t have to pay for our (collective) stupidity. Hope springs eternal.

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