Silence is complicity.

I struggled with what to write about today. I considered baby stories (still not sleeping! I’m really tired!); I pondered knitting anxieties (seaming! Argh!). But I kept coming back to one stark fact: I’m not blogging about Proposition 8. And I’m not doing it because I don’t have to. It doesn’t affect me. Not personally. My marriage is still safe. No one’s angling to take it away, or prevent me from doing it again tomorrow if I so choose. Why should I talk about Prop 8 when I could tell funny stories or put up cute baby photos instead?

Not talking about things is a privilege granted to those in unmarked categories. Not talking about racism is a privilege of being White. Not talking about sexism is a privilege of being male. And not talking about prop 8 is a privilege of being straight. But here’s the thing: I’m not straight. My romantic relationships before I met my husband? Were with women. One of whom I stayed with for nearly four years. What if we had stayed together? What if I had had twins with her? In that case, you better believe I would be outraged, furious, saddened, and blogging about this every single day.* So I owe it not to someone else to talk about this, write about this, and generally make a stink, but to myself. To myself and to my children, who might come home one day with same-sex partners. Who might one day want to marry them.

I won’t write about it every day, because did I mention cute baby photos? But I will be bringing it up again. And again. Until the damn thing’s fixed.

Faith is blogging about it regularly, and has details on local Los Angeles protests and boycotts.

Here’s a website with more information on protests and actions.

And here, if you haven’t yet watched it, is Keith Olbermann’s excellent rant.

*Well, okay, I’d probably still be putting up cute baby photos sometimes.


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  1. 1

    You’re a rock star, Uccellina. And I will take the same vow. Again and again until this damn thing is FIXED. For me. For my kids. For all of us.

  2. 2

    lichen said,

    I posted this same video on myspace a couple days ago, well said Keith. also puts it very well in his latest post.
    Two steps forward and one step back, but onward we go.

  3. 3

    Red Diabla said,

    That is a most impressive rant. Too bad the people who NEED to watch it are busy doing something really useful. Like, uh, helping the divorce rate be over 50%. You know, protecting the SANCTITY of marriage and all.

  4. 4

    Mom said,

    Just signed a petition to overturn Prop 8. We do what we can from CT.

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