Babies are so uncool.

One thing that really grates on me is hipster hostility toward parents and children. The linked article is maybe not the best example, since I agree with the writer’s basic point that the Kickbee is a dumb-ass idea, but I find the tone of the piece obnoxious. Berman codes her ire carefully as aimed specifically at “yuppie” parents, but the bullshit alarm goes off when you consider that Berman, a 20-something Salon writer living in “the upper-middle-class baby factory known as Brooklyn,” is pretty much just as yuppie as her targets. Lady, I’m not better than you because I have spit-up flecking my jeans, and you’re not cooler than I am because you don’t.


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    akeeyu said,

    Dear Salon,

    Fetal kicking isn’t ‘violence’.

    The Kickbee does appear to be dumber than library paste, but so do you if you can’t tell that something held together with duct tape and wires is not a commercially available product and therefore not currently being snapped up for $39.97 at Toys R Us by millions of women nationwide.

    In answer to your question “Who would buy such a thing?” I can think of one pretty strong market: Dead baby mommas. Yeah. They’re a justifiably nervous bunch, but hey, go ahead and mock. It’s cool.

    Stay classy, Salon.

    Love, Akeeyu

    PS. There might just be a reason that people don’t want to pay for your crappy content. Just something to think about. Kisses!

  2. 2

    Teresa said,

    These are the same people who, when they do have kids, spend a bajillion dollars to make sure thekiddies coordinate with parental outfits. Can’t have junior clashing with the blackberry.

  3. 3

    oslowe said,

    Oh man, I don’t know if Bettie told you about our long-ago run-in w/ some sort of music-hipster douchebag who asked if we were “Silverlake/Los Feliz hipster parents”… it made me sputter a vile and noxious froth and foam of fury…

  4. 4

    Andree said,

    Well, at least they’ve gotten over their obsession with Michelle Obama’s bottom!

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