Them pokes fun as shouldn’t.

I joke about my little Robin’s hypersensitivity, but it turns out he’s really quite brave in the face of actual carnage. Last night he pulled up on the coffee table, which I have begun to pad the edges of but have not quite finished, and – you see where this is going, right? – down he went! Bonking his face and cutting the inside of his top lip.

He yelled for about a minute, then got bored with that and wanted to play some more. But the blood, it continued to flow. So there’s my happy little boy, crawling around and blowing raspberries and smooshing his hands over his face just like always only now with more blood! and it looked like our living room had been the scene of some terrible crime that would rivet you to your evening news because OH MY GOD THE BLOOD. It stopped bleeding after a little while and a lot of gauze pads, and then he stuck his hand in his mouth and went waba-waba-waba and OH THE BLOOD.

We were planning to go to the grocery store, but I thought that it was maybe not such a good idea to take a grinning, blood-spattered child out in public. What’s that, Officer? No, we are the best parents ever, why do you ask? Hey! Where are you taking that baby?

We ruined two onesies (I stopped changing him after the first time he reopened the wound) and one of my favorite t-shirts. An ice cube stopped the bleeding in the end, though it did start again when he nursed to sleep, which I thought was kind of funny because it looked like the baby was eating my boob. Okay, maybe that’s not really funny so much as horrific, but it’s a little funny too, right? Right?

He’s fine. But I need to wash the floor before anyone comes over.


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  1. 1

    Nora said,

    Wait till Tooth Fairy time comes around. I have a special gift for getting children’s teeth to fall out, usually during really inconvenient times like on long bus rides on the way to a field trip. I have handled so many teeth it’s crazy. The blood that accompanies a lot of teeth totally shocks me, once I saw a kid coming down the hall who lost a tooth and I seriously thought he must have cut his arm open.

  2. 2

    Annika said,

    I totally want to come over BEFORE you wash the floor.

  3. 3

    gardener said,

    Kudos to Robin for great bravery and to you for keeping your cool!

  4. 4

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    That Robin; such a mensch! (did I say that right?) Momma, such a meshuggener!

  5. 5

    dp said,

    i’m glad robin is ok, but i’m a teensy bit concerned that your little boy bird isn’t more bothered by the taste of blood. i guess he may grow up to take his steaks rare.

  6. 6

    Laurie Ann said,

    The bleeding on your boob is funny to me. Little vampire baby.

  7. 7

    husband said,

    You totally forgot that he had fallen and hit his face on the edge of the side table’s drawer the day before. This standing-up-by-yourself-and-learning-to-walk thing is not as easy as it looks.

  8. 8

    uccellina said,

    I didn’t forget. I was just too embarrassed to mention it.

  9. 9

    julie said,

    Aw, poor parents! Good call on not taking bloody babe out in public =). My DH used to say (back when kidlet was learning to walk) that our son was engaged in an ongoing battle with gravity…and sometimes he’d win; sometimes he’d lose.

    When you’re that young, the taste of blood is new, just like almost everything else, so nothing to freak out about. At 3 years old, though, my little guy gets unnerved at the sight of scratches or scabs…on other people, simply because there _might_ have been blood on the surface of the skin at some point.

    Your little Robin is advanced =)…my boy didn’t manage to get his first split lip until around 20 mos old…by doing a face plant on the kitchen floor after slipping on some newspapers.

  10. 10

    Madeleine said,

    My girl’s split lip was similar to Julie’s son’s — crawling on the kitchen floor. We can be as careful as we want to and they’ll fall from a height of 2 inches and bust a lip.

    MY god the blood. Mouths just have a lot of blood. But they heal quickly.

  11. 11

    kathy a. said,

    mouths bleed like crazy. the truly amazing thing is that little kids heal almost immediately.

  12. 12

    husband said,

    The hard part was keeping Robin IMMOBILE while the lip healed (quickly or not).

    “No, don’t wave that book around, you might hit yourself in the…”
    “No, don’t suck on your fingers!”
    “No, don’t say ‘Bobble, bobble, bobble!'”
    “No, don’t suck on Mommy’s boob… oh, I guess you HAVE to do that, but be CAREFUL!”

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