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New Series: Wren’s Video Picks

After a busy day of crawling, cruising, block-stacking, and block-stack knocking-down, we begin our nighttime routine. It begins with the change into overnight diapers and proceeds apace to tooth brushing, after which I take Robin into the bedroom to nurse down. I used to nurse both kids together at bedtime, but now they keep each other awake, using my belly as a bongo, jabbing each other in the eye, giggling insanely. So now it’s Robin’s turn first, and only after he has drifted off does Husband bring Wren in.

While Robin and Mama snuggle, Daddy and Wren spend their special time together perusing YouTube. We have begun to collect Wren’s favorite videos, which I thought I would share for the possible benefit of other hip, internet-lovin’ babies and toddlers.

Wren’s first video pick: Multiple SIDosis, by Sid Laverents. The first half may be interesting to adults, but the action – and Wren’s favorite part – really gets going at the 4:50 mark.


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