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Testing the water

Oddly, a year and a half or so after I abandoned this blog completely, it appears to be more popular than ever. Mostly with anti-choice trolls, to be sure, but I suppose I should be pleased someone’s paying attention? Okay, not enough attention to realize they’re commenting on posts that are two years old, but still. With two three year olds constantly trying to outperform each other for my delight (or, occasionally, horror), any attention paid to little old me is kind of exciting.

So, hi! I don’t promise to post often, and I can’t guarantee I’ll be exciting, but here I am again.

Life update: Robin and Wren are three years old. They are full of hilarity and angst, often simultaneously. I am still working full time. I’m taking classes with a super-secret career goal in mind, and I’m channeling my passion for reproductive justice into a pretty nifty volunteer gig. I’ll share what I can, when I can. The more comments I get, the more likely I am to post.

Not that you should feel pressured or anything.



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