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Such a pussy.

Thank god, I say thank god we women have men like Christopher Warner looking out for us. What would our vaginas do without him?

Christopher A. Warner says he considers himself something of a maverick, a caring physician willing to challenge medical orthodoxy in order to help women.

That’s why the 39-year-old board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist recently opened the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Washington in a red brick townhouse off Washington Circle. There, he is building a business as the first area physician to perform controversial procedures that use a laser to enhance sexual gratification by repairing tissue damaged by childbirth, to give women a “youthful aesthetic look” or to make those who are not appear to be virgins.

. . .Warner, a graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine who started an ob-gyn practice in 2000 and also maintains an office in Southeast Washington, said his goal is to empower women.

Shiny pink empowerment via surgical quick-fix for socially-inculcated insecurity! That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

It’s not as if Dr. Warner hasn’t put his methods through the most rigorous scientific scrutiny, after all.

Warner, who has operated on 18 patients, said he does not consider the lack of published studies to be problematic.

“Life isn’t all about studies,” Warner said. “These are real problems that don’t require 50 people to research the same topic. Women are telling us that it’s working.”

Well . . . okay. But still, the ultimate goal is to improve women’s health.

Warner and Matlock say that patients frequently request “a nice sleek look” similar to images seen in Playboy magazine and on some cable TV channels. “Women tell us they want to look like they’re 18 again,” Matlock said.

. . .”I did it for both of us,” said Figueroa, adding that their marriage has improved as a result of laser rejuvenation and a procedure she said Matlock suggested to beautify her genitals. “Before the surgery I felt really old . . . and ugly. Since the surgery that’s changed. I’m very happy with it — and so is my husband.”

(Figueroa, by the by, is a 32-year-old who has borne four children. Call me crazy, but it seems to me that after a total of three years of pregnancy and four births, it’s really fucking sad that your husband would encourage you to undergo $15,000 of surgery (even paying $8,000 of it himself!) rather than love the body you have.)

Ah, well. At least we can rest easy knowing that Warner trained with David Matlock, the best guy in the field.

In 1998 the [Medical Board of California] sought to revoke his license, charging him with insurance fraud, dishonesty, creation of false medical records and gross negligence in connection with his treatment of two patients . . . In the past 10 years, records show, Matlock has been sued for malpractice 10 times in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The article concludes with a section about the popular surgery, hymenoplasty.

“I’ve been performing this on and off for years,” said Marco Pelosi II, a Bayonne, N.J., gynecologist who says the “revirginization” operation has become increasingly popular as a gift for men. Pelosi estimates he has done about 150 hymenoplasties in the past two years.

Hey honey! For our anniversary, I’m going to make sure that we get to relive the ecstatic moment when I squeaked, bled all over the sheets, and wondered if the whole “sex” thing was really worth it. What a lovely gift.


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Plan B: Educate pharmacists. Shouldn’t that have been Plan A?

On Friday, when I went into the pharmacy to pick up kitty meds, I was pleasantly surprised to see a big sign at the end of the counter: “Emergency Contraception Available Here”.

“Hey, that’s great! I’m really glad you’re carrying that!” I smiled at the pharmacist, who nodded casually. “Did you know,” I went on, “that WalMart is carrying it but allowing pharmacists to opt out? Crazy, right?”

The pharmacist shrugged. “I know a lot of people – friends of mine – who won’t dispense it. People are people, you know?”

I was taken aback. “But . . . do they dispense other contraception?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then they must not understand how Plan B works. It’s a contraceptive – it prevents ovulation. It’s not an abortifacient.”

He shrugged again. “Each to their own.”

If I hadn’t had a sick cat in the car, I would have stayed to battle this out. As it was, I paid for the medication and left, fuming.

Each to their own? Each who? Obviously, not women trying to prevent pregnancy. Each of them is subject to the caprice and ignorance of self-righteous pharmacists.

What would WalMart do if they had a pharmacist who happened to be a Christian Scientist, and refused to dispense any medication on moral grounds? Target was asked that very question about their own “opt-out” policy, and apparently responded that “The emergency contraceptive Plan B is the only medication for which this policy applies.”

So this actually has nothing to do with upholding pharmacists’ right to choose and everything to do with denying women’s right to choose? Thanks for clearing that up, Target!

I swear, this is almost enough to make me pay $80,000 for four years of pharmacy school, graduate, go to work for WalMart, and then refuse to dispense Viagra.

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Fun with The Google.

President Bush knows how to use The Google; do you?

Many people know by now what result is obtained from googling “failure”. But did you know what you get from googling “liar”?

Color me amused.

For further amusement, try “incompetent” and “dishonest”.

For something not so amusing, but very, very disturbing, please read Rolling Stone’s cover story, “The Worst Congress Ever.” Also check out their list of the Ten Worst Congressmen.

Short of revolution, voting is the only way to change this, folks.

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News brief.

An Argentinian teenager has found the fossilized skull of a Terror Bird. Terror Bird

Upon hearing of the discovery, the White House issued a statement that the Terror Bird “has well-documented links to radical evolutionists and global terror networks” and has been placed on a No-Fly list. In response, the Terror Bird promptly ate Karl Rove.

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You wouldn’t recognize Nancy now that she’s knocked out and drooling.

My grandmother was a difficult woman. She didn’t handle stress well.


My grandfather, a doctor, knew just how to handle that.


He gave her drug after drug. She was unconscious through most of my mother’s childhood.


After twenty thirty years or so, other doctors in the community found out what was going on, and threatened to have his license pulled unless he put her in The Institute of Living.


Unfortunately, when she got out of the hospital, the world was large and overwhelming (especially since she hadn’t really been in it for the last twenty thirty years). She found ways to get what she needed in order to cope.


After my grandfather died, she found a doctor – a friend of his, I believe – to keep up her prescriptions. When she went into the hospital at the age of 80 with an asthma attack, she was too embarrassed to tell them everything she was taking. So she went into acute Valium withdrawal. And that, combined with her age and general weakness, killed her.


My grandfather was a monster, yes, but a socially sanctioned monster.

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