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Baby shower! Babies are all clean now.

My baby shower on Saturday was lovely. I am so lucky to have wonderful, creative friends like Peggy and Annika, who threw me a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, complete with wee crustless sandwiches, tea, artisanal cookies, and a hat-decorating competition. I may have cried a little, but I’m pretty sure no one can prove it.

Mad Hatter's Food Table (baby shower)

hat table (baby shower)

Oh – and also the world’s most amazing diaper cake! Check this thing out.

Diaper Cake & Dormouse (baby shower

This diaper cake is now sitting, intact, on top of the changing table, because I cannot bear to take it apart. Honestly, how am I supposed to disassemble that cuteness? How?

And speaking of cuteness, here is Annika’s son Sam playing “ring around the preggo.” He circled me about 10 times before discovering something more interesting across the room. Perhaps his parents shouldn’t have let him watch so much Shark Week.

sam playing "ring around the preggo"

The babies later sent a message via morse code to indicate that they were well pleased with the food, gifts, and attention.


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It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to

When I was about six years old, I began to recognize the value of Experience – and I pictured it that way, with a capital E. As I sniffled back my tears from whatever latest disaster, I would think, Oh, well, at least it’s an Experience. I learned to be grateful for those miserable moments, because they shocked me out of my everyday complacency, and often gave me new insight into my life and the world around me. This childhood coping mechanism developed throughout my life until it flowered, in my adulthood, into a fairly relentless silver-lining detection skill.

For instance: Today is my birthday. I am at work. This is not optimal. But! Lawyer and Litigator are taking me out to lunch! Coworker gave me flowers! And the zoo has been saved! Silver linings abound!

My friend Peggy calls this “living a life of gratitude.” I am grateful to all of you, my friends and my readers, for sticking with me through my endless bitching, my political rants, and my mysterious blog hiatuses (hiati?). Thank you.

And happy birthday to me!

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Yarn and cake, cake and yarn.

Last week, Frank came to my knitting group for the first time. He was astonished to learn that nearly everyone there had a blog. I have made you a simple venn diagram to illustrate this phenomenon.


To wit: Almost all knitters are bloggers, except for maybe your cousin and six elderly women in the Aleutian islands. A large number of knitters own cats. A large number of bloggers own cats. Please note that even in this venn diagram, I was unable to prevent the cats from shedding on everything. (Maybe my proportions are a little off, and there are actually more knitters than bloggers, but I only have so much time to waste with the MS Paint, y’know?)

Anyhow, after finding this out, Frank decided to get a blog. On my recommendation, he chose WordPress. In his very first post, he wrote about learning to decorate cakes, which he had mentioned at the knitting group as well. He had also mentioned that he didn’t know anything about blog software, so in the comments on his first post, I told him “I know all about the wordpress ways. I will be your guru in exchange for cake.”

Mind you, I was just kidding. I will guru for free anytime. But Frank, we have discovered, is a literalist of the highest degree.


He brought a yarn cake to the knitting group last night!










Completely Decimated Cake

I have added a new category to this blog: Cake. Because Cake deserves its own category, as well as a capital C. It might even deserve an exclamation point, but let’s not be hasty.

*Cake photos courtesy of the illustrious Ellen Bloom. Except for the last one, which was taken by me. Ellen takes much better photos.

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