A sweet story of peril and redemption: Chapter 7

Back at the Peep Council, the mood was grim. The depressed Peeps were gathered around the Idol, praying for the return of the three savors. (Saviors. Whatever.)

One Peep turned away from the group to hide his tears. They’ll never come back.

Then he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked up. “It’s Superman! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s a bird!”

Everyone came running. Hexopyranose climbed onto the dais to give a speech as the truck pulled up, but was drowned out first by the cheers and then the gasps of her Peeps, as they saw only two of the three who had left them.

She frantically shushed the hysterical crowd. “I MUST SPEAK!” she called out, and they fell (mostly) quiet.

“We are sad for the death of our friend, Dextrose,” she began.

“It was Fructose!” Dextrose corrected her. “And he’s not dead, he’s Candy!”

Hexopyranose looked puzzled, but went on. “But we are grateful for the return of . . . of the other two, along with . . . a bunch of Purple Peeps whom we haven’t met yet . . .” she could see she was losing her audience. “And Eggs! Eggs! Hooray for Eggs!”

The crowd burst into raucous cheering once more. Someone popped the cork on a bottle of fizzy lemonade, and someone else produced candy cigars.

And the Peeps rejoiced.

Dextrose found himself surrounded by chicks, who tsk-tsked over his injuries and said “ooooh” at appropriate moments as he told them how he had fought off the hundreds of bears all by himself, rescuing not only Maltose, but the besieged group of Purple Peeps, who had given him the Eggs out of gratitude.

In the midst of so much frivolity, Maltose was a little sad. “I wish Fructose were here,” she said aloud.

“Would you take Candy instead?”

Maltose grinned as she turned around.

And the Peeps rejoiced once more.

The party was still going on when Maltose, Dextrose, Candy, and the ‘Gator (whose name was Alice) retired to a separate room.

“So now you’ll both stay with us, and we’ll all be a big family together!” Dextrose announced happily.

Candy shook her head, smiling. “No, sweetie, but we’ll come visit as often as we can.”

Dextrose looked sad. “Why can’t you stay?”

Candy looked at Maltose, who patted Dextrose lightly on the head.

“I think they want to make their own family, honey.”

Alice and Candy blushed and nodded.

“Oh.” Dextrose still looked confused, but he didn’t push the issue.

“But before you two go,” Maltose grinned, “do you have time for a bite?”

Photos and Text by Uccellina, with utter Photoshop virtuosity by Husband.

The complete set of photographs!
It makes a great slideshow!


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