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My new tattoo.

Decided to turn this

34 weeks 5 days (twins)

into this.

My new (Photoshop) tattoo.


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What he does when he’s bored.

Husband and I are stuck in my office today, because the pest people are poisoning termites at our house. He drew this.

(Cats are not actually here.)

Office Cat Cartoon

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I did promise.

34 weeks, 5 days.

34 weeks 5 days (twins)

34 weeks 5 days (twins)

34 weeks 5 days (twins)

Yes, my tag was showing. No, Husband did not see fit to mention that when he was taking the photos. Yes, my belly is lower than it was – I’ve got ten pounds of baby in there! I’m surprised it’s not dangling around my knees by now. And speaking of stretching, don’t you love my racing stripes? Husband says I look like a classic hot rod.

For the sake of my paper-thin internet anonymity, I can’t show you the full-length shots, so you’ll have to trust me when I say I am all boobs and belly. Despite my diligent efforts to gain weight, I’m only up 35 pounds. My thighs and butt are slightly more padded than they were, but the rest of me has pretty much remained the same.

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Still pregnant!

34 weeks, 4 days. I swear I’ll post photos soon, assuming Husband can stand far enough away to fit my ENTIRE BELLY in the picture. I am enormous. And very stripy.

Also! through the magic of acupuncture, chiropractic work, and stinky moxibustion, I managed to turn a baby!

Only it was the wrong baby, and I turned her the wrong way.

Little Girl (baby B, farther from cervix) has gone from being transverse to being frank breech, which required a full 180 degree turn and a slide downward. Little Boy (baby A, closer to cervix) is still settled cheerfully butt-down in my pelvis. What a pair.

I’m not scheduling a c-section yet, but unless Little Boy decides to help us out here, we may be looking at doing just that. The doctor has agreed that, as long as my cervix stays closed, we should be able to carry to 38 weeks or so.

In other news, I suck at going on maternity leave. I was technically done with work last Friday. And what do you know? I’ve only spent about 20 hours in the office this week.

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32 weeks pregnant. I’d like to tell you more.

But I can’t, because I’m too freakin’ busy. I wrote you a post earlier – it was brief, but caught you up on the essentials. Then I accidentally erased it.

I’ll try to re-write it later. In the meantime, have some photos.

These were all taken on Friday, at 31 weeks and 4 days along.
31 weeks 4 days (twins)

31 weeks 4 days (twins)

31 weeks 4 days (twins)

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