Problem in outline form.

I. We have no television.

    A. Well, we have one, but it doesn’t get networks or cable or anything, it just plays DVDs.


    A. Maybe not the first debate, because it falls on our anniversary, and I don’t know if Husband will go for a Special Anniversary Debate Date

      1. But definitely the rest of them
        a. And maybe even the first one, if I can coax him into it.

III. The debates start at 9pm and babies are usually falling asleep around then EASTERN STANDARD TIME, which means babies should be awake and chipper at 6pm our time.

IV. So we need to find someone who:

    A. Lives in Los Angeles
    B. Has a television

      1. Which actually receives a signal

    C. Will let us watch the debates on their television

    D. Won’t mind babies being babies during the coverage

      1. We can usually keep them pretty quiet with boobs and Winkels and other nifty stuff
      2. Bedtime is unpredictable
        a. I am absolutely willing to take them into another room if they get loud
          i. Even if Obama is totally on fire.

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  1. 1

    Annika said,

    I. You can come to my house!
    A. I don’t have a working television either.
    1. But I like babies a lot.

  2. 2

    mom said,

    I’ll bet the babies will be quiet for Obama!

  3. 3

    uccellina said,

    Bet they won’t. But they will be quiet for the boob.

  4. 5

    luckybuzz said,

    Well–we’re not in LA, but we’re near you. And we will be watching the debates on a working, signal-receiving TV. And we will be baby-wrangling, as well. You guys can come watch them here, if it’s not too weird that we all, you know, haven’t actually met yet. 🙂

    Caveat: we are moving out of our apartment on Oct 10th, so we will be in the midst of boxes and the usual chaos. And our place is tiny. But your littles are not so mobile, right?

    Yeah. Anyway. The invite is open, if you want to come watch with us!

  5. 6

    Nora said,

    it must be streaming live on the internet SOMEwhere

  6. 7

    elsewhere said,

    I feel certain that there’ll be someone in LA with a TV somehow.

  7. 8

    bronnie said,

    If I didn’t live 35 miles away from you guys I’d say come on up!
    I know it’s not a GREAT solution,maybe not even a good one, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be streaming the debates live on the internet– Maybe you could move the computer temporarily back into the bedroom and watch in there while the babies hang out and hopefully fall asleep.

  8. 9

    KS said,

    Yeah, I’m in the same boat, except finding someone with a TV at 9 pm our time and actually driving there seems like such a workout. My friend is going to TIVO it, but I wanted to watch it live.

    The debate I REALLY want to watch, though, is Biden/Palin. That one ought to be good.

  9. 10

    Dina said,

    I know I haven’t seen you guys in ages, but
    1. I live in LA (Santa Monica — is that too far?)
    2. I have a rather large tv with an HD signal
    3. You can watch the debates on them, except for Oct 15.
    4. I love babies. Bring ’em on!

    Let me know. I’d love to see you guys and meet the little ones.

  10. 11

    uccellina said,

    KS – There should be a drinking game for the Biden/Palin debate. Every time Palin lies, drink. Every time Palin says something dumb, drink. Every time Biden calls her out on it, drink! We could all get delightfully smashed.

    Dina, Bronnie, and Luckybuzz, thank you! E-mails will follow.

  11. 12

    Hihankara said,

    I’ll be watching from my hotel in Oxnard on the 2nd if you want to bring babies then! 😀 That’s the VP one and I’d love to have a smart girl like you with me to growl at Palin!

  12. 13

    Sara said,

    UPDATE: Debate may be postponed due to financial crisis.

    If the debate is happening, we’ll be Tivo-ing it, because we won’t get home until about 7 p.m. Otherwise, I’d invite you guys over!

  13. 14

    uccellina said,

    Oh come ON.

    What fucking grandstanding on McCain’s part. Not to mention inconsiderate and messing with my plans.

    Can you imagine the howls from the Right if Obama pulled this?

  14. 15

    Dina said,

    An addendum to my comment:
    I forgot I’m going to be out of town this Friday, so if the debate actually happens that day, tv at Casa Richman won’t be available. But the other dates are fine, including 10/15.

  15. 16

    Pam said,

    I have a television and so far, at least one of your cats likes my place so your babies logically should as well (somehow, I don’t think my morning logic is quite accurate, but hey). I think I shall be here for all the debates and we’ll see how this whole OMG NEED TO SOLVE THE ECONOMY NO DEBATES thing goes this friday.

  16. 17

    kathy a. said,

    i watched the conventions on computer, one of the options was live streaming with NO COMMENTARY. i think they are doing it for the debates, too. if they happen.

  17. 18

    Liz said,

    I will be watching online as I also have a tv which is only hooked up to the dvd player, but the Obama people have sent me several e-mails encouraging me to use their website to find a debate watch party:

    Careful if you click this at work, a video will start playing when you land on the site.

  18. 19

    uccellina said,

    Liz, we’ve found a home for tonight (thanks luckybuzz!). The problem with debate watch parties is that other attendees probably wouldn’t be thrilled to see (or hear) babies.

  19. 20

    dp said,

    honey, get a cheap antenna and hook it up to the back of your tv! it won’t help for cable debates, but you can keep up with anything on network tv for the next little while . . .

  20. 21

    liz said,

    Uccellina, we’re the Democrats babies are always welcome as long as they’re wearing a cool t-shirt!

  21. 22

    Hihankara said,

    I had a debate watch party on Friday and dressed my “baby” in an “Obamacats” tshirt. No one minded her a bit. 😉

  22. 23

    uccellina said,

    We watched the first debate at Luckybuzz‘s place, with her darling 3.5 month old in attendance as well. All the babies were riveted by Obama, and blew raspberries at McCain. Such good babies.

    And Luckybuzz and her husband got us an anniversary cake! They win the Awesome award.

  23. 24

    Mom said,

    We know Obama will get the youth vote. Now if we can just get all the geezers on board.

  24. 25

    Okay, this makes me happy. I bet y’all had the world’s cutest debate audience going on there with those such good babies!

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