Warning: This post is largely about poop. Lots and lots of poop.

Ah, Rotavirus, my new mortal enemy.

Wren started vomiting on Wednesday the 4th, and I brought her to the ER in the evening after the vomit turned bright yellow and she became listless. They did an ultrasound to check for intussusception, and found none. They said she was dehydrated, stuck in an IV, filled her up like a little water balloon, and sent her home after a few hours. The next day she didn’t vomit, but she just wouldn’t stay awake. At times, I couldn’t wake her up at all, even with flicking her feet and rubbing her chest. She wouldn’t nurse, she wouldn’t eat or drink anything. She wouldn’t whack her brother with blocks, even when we put the blocks in her hand and sat him right next to her. This alone told me that something was Not Right.

I called her doctor, who asked me, “When she’s awake, is she coherent?”
“Um, she’s one year old, so I’d have to say no.”
“I mean age-appropriate coherence.”
“Well, she said ‘kitty’ a couple of times, but not like she meant it. If you mean does she seem focused and aware, that’s still a no.”
“You should probably bring her back to the ER.”

The ER doctor, a sombre man with a dark beard, tossed around the possibility of meningitis, and did a lumbar puncture to rule it out. Immediately after the puncture (and probably in revenge for it because Holy Mother of All That Blows was that traumatic), she developed explosive diarrhea. He admitted her to the hospital, where she was soon diagnosed with Rotavirus, the baby stomach flu from hell. The baby LoJack on her ankle and the IV machine plugged into the wall meant I couldn’t even take her for a walk, so the only time I got to leave the room was when Husband and Robin came to visit. I bathed only with baby wipes and deodorant. Wren kept pooping on me. I was sticky and smelly and my hair fused into one big puffy dreadlock. When Husband brought me a change of clothes I nearly cried with joy. Wren pooped on them an hour later.

We came home on Sunday. I showered immediately. Wren improved over the next couple of days. Her last diarrhea was on Tuesday morning. That same morning, I got a serious case of The Puking, which – thank heavens – lasted only about twelve hours. Phew! All done.



Through all of this, Robin had been running a fever between 101 and 102, and he developed a really fancy rash and got kinda cranky, but seemed basically okay. Until this Wednesday. As soon as he saw that his sister was better and his mother had stopped throwing up, my kind and considerate little boy started having diarrhea. A lot of it. Everywhere. And that’s where we are now, still mired in the poopfest. This morning I changed his diaper, and in the .05 seconds between one diaper coming off and the next going on, he sprayed the changing table, the wall, and part of the window with liquid poo.

At least we’re at home, where I can shower.


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  1. 1

    julie said,

    Hugs to all! I guess that means that Husband is next in line for illness? Sending hydrating, cleansing thoughts your way.

  2. 2

    esperanza said,

    Oh no, this all sounds terrible. I hope little Wren is well on the mend, and Robin close behind her. Hugs and clear liquids and restful nights for all of you.

  3. 3

    Madeleine said,

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Poor dears.

  4. 4

    Michelle said,

    Oh, ew, rotavirus is yucky. The peds nurses on my unit complain about the very specific smell that lets them diagnose it before the tests come back. I’m so sorry you are all dealing with this. 😦 *hugs*

  5. 5

    kathy a. said,

    oh, how awful! ER and Baby in the same sentence is heartstopping enough without serial poopsplosions. i hope everyone is better now.

  6. 6

    kathy a. said,

    oh, how awful! ER and Baby in the same sentence is heartstopping enough without serial poopsplosions. i hope everyone is better now.

  7. 7

    liz said,

    I’m so sorry. I hope that you all get better fast.

  8. 8

    oslowe said,

    Gaaaah. But hey, you know what? You’ve managed to turn what must have been a harrowing experience into a very funny entry? Even when I was going “Ohhhh” I was giggling. Power of words, sistah, power of words.

  9. 9

    Sara R. said,

    Arrgh, the rotovirus is my version of hell (and probably yours, too). Vivian got a (relatively) mild case when she was 6 months old. And then we got it. And because we were visiting friends for Christmas when she came down with it, most of our friends and their children got it to. The gift that keeps on giving! I’m so sorry, and hope everyone is on the mend soon.

  10. 10

    dancinp said,

    and we were just talking about the rotavirus vaccine the other month . . . 😦

    so sorry you and wren had such an awful week, but i’m really happy things seem to be turning around. hugs to you all.

  11. 12

    uccellina said,

    Robin’s still pooping, in case y’all were wondering. Thanks for the sympathies – we need them! We also need copious amounts of alcohol, if you happen to have any extra.

  12. 13

    dancinp said,

    shipping alcohol is tough to do, but i can have an extra drink in your honor. i’ll have one for husband, too, but if i have too much more than that i may get sloppy. . .

  13. 14

    MonkeyGurrl said,

    Awww, hunny! I’m so sorry you have to go through all this, but BOY, what a great sense of humor! I know I couldn’t be as amusing in a similar situation. Big hugs (with boob!) Hope everyone feels better soon.

  14. 15

    CC said,

    Sorry you went through that. I’m pretty sure they have a vaccine for Rotavirus and I remember my kid getting it under age 1. Is it a one-shot deal or can you get Rotavirus again?

  15. 16

    Diane Dawson said,

    oh poor babies. My sympathies… Lilly had it too, though not nearly as badly. No hospital for us, thank goodness.

    Sending big, big hugs.

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